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The savory broth filled her nose, rubbing against her nostrils with its aromatic fingers. The temperature was so hot that smoke began to escape from the boiling liquid. Within this fluid there were many spices, the noodles that swam around the bisque tangled around each other, exchanging their own wavy dance.

“Minto, come on you should really eat it! The soup tastes delicious!” A voice said from her right. She knew it belonged to her friend and she sighed in annoyance, the one thing that she hated was soup, ramen, anything that had to do with noodles. The way it smelled, looked and tasted was just so wrong to her that it was hard to convince her otherwise.
She looked down at the noodles, watching them twirl around each other as she coiled the fork around the stringy devils. She was accustomed to playing with her food when she did not like it, but she knew her friend wouldn’t let her leave without trying at least one bite.

“Please Minto!” Her friend leaned over and grabbed the fork gently out of her hand and raised it into the air. She blew softly on it, blowing the steam off and cooling down the steaming liquid, “Please, please!” She raised it to Minto’s mouth but she turned her face away, “I don’t like noodles,” Minto pleaded, “Please Sary, I don’t want it…”

Minto hated anything to do with noodles but she found herself within a restaurant that sold nothing but the putrid sustenance. Yet, she knew in order to get her friend off her back she had to do what she was told so she grinned and bared it. She closed her eyes and moved her head forward munching down on the fork full of noodles.

She chewed slowly as she watched Sary’s eyes widen and a smile curve across her lips,

“You liked it right?”

Minto swallowed unwillingly and nodded her head, “It’s splendid.” She lied.
Paragraph commission for :iconpindanglicious:

She didn't tell me what to write about she just gave me a list of what Minto liked and disliked...

So noodles were on her dislike list and since I am craving noodles right now I thought...why not?! ;A;

Last commisison alksjfdlaskjd thank goodness. Opening new slots tomorrow. :heart:

Character belongs to =pindanglicious
cautioncone16 Featured By Owner Mar 29, 2013
Awesome work!
My mother hates them too
pindanglicious Featured By Owner Mar 29, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
D'AWWW CUTE STORY REALLY *u* i love it. i love how it described that Minto hates noodle xD
amg thank you so much for this <3
cddmanful Featured By Owner Mar 28, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Cute story, with a great mental picture!

Hope I don't overdo it with critiquey stuff--:I think you may have intended to say that she "grinned and bore it--It sorta looks like she grinned and unclothed it, as spelled in the story....:)
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