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“She is holding you back, that young Angel. You mustn’t let her mask your true potential.”

Sai tilted his head to the side, “She is not holding us down, and she is showing us that there is some hope left upon the human world. Without her, we would not know how the humans operate and never would be able to set the plan that you have laid out for us into action.”

The man that shielded his face from the three brothers turned his attention towards a different brother, “Ren, you surely must take heed to my warnings. This woman is bringing your brothers down with her. She has no idea the amount of power that she holds and it is up to you four to take that power from her.”

Ren shook his head, “You do not know her like we do. When we first met her we were ordered to steal her powers away but as we have learned more about her race we have all come to a conclusion together, that we would like to stay with her, to learn from her and that in turn will give us more of an advantage when it comes to your command.”  

The man growled under his breath and swung his head to the last remaining brother,
“Sasuke please talk some sense into your brothers. Surely you are not wooed by her beauty and charm. Tell me the truth young one, is she really that stunning?”

The man’s yellow eyes flashed from under his green hair, “What they say is true. She is very fair but her power of persuasion is even stronger. She is a strong woman and has taught us many things; it would be foolish to backstab her. She is our precious

The man grew angry, “Then what do you all plan to do since you seem to have your minds all made up?”

Sai adjusted himself upon the chair he was sitting upon until he finally spoke back, “Our plan is to keep learning more from her. She is an amazing person and it would benefit us immensely to learn more about the Angel race. As demons ourselves it is necessary to grow peaceful with neighboring species, otherwise if we were ever to get into a war we would have no allies, do you understand?”

The man bit his lip and turned his back away from them all, “If that is what you want but I will be checking up on you all fairly soon and if you have nothing new to report about her I will be taking you off this mission, is that understood between you three?”
The brothers nodded and the man vanished from their view.

Sai turned his gaze towards his brothers, “He is right you know.”

Sasuke rubbed his nose, “I know that all too well.”

“We can’t just turn on her you guys,” Ren started, “You all know as well as I do that we would never be able to turn on her. She means too much to us now.”

“Keep your voice down,” Sai started, “It can’t be known how we feel about her. Everyone knows us as these unemotional demons, never being swayed by any force. If our enemies found out that we have grown soft from our once calloused powers than our enemies will be out to get us.”

“Luna will never turn on us,” Sasuke interjected, “Just so we are all clear, I would do anything to keep her safe. She is a strong woman and I respect every part of her. You can call it weakness if you want but she succeeds in teaching us more about ourselves when we would even think about teaching ourselves.”

Sai shrugged, “As much as I care for Luna the master is right, we really need to remember the reason why we came to know her in the first place.”

Ren laughed, “Oh come on Sai, you know as well as I do that we could never lay a finger on Luna’s head. She is far too sweet and nice natured to harm any of us. I know what our master wants us to do but if we can truly understand her more as an Angel then perhaps we won’t have to conduct a war in the end. I want to believe we are stronger than our previous kin, we are brothers and we will always stay together, right?”

Sasuke nodded, “Of course. No matter what we all choose I will be with you guys through thick and thin. Sai, I know you are the leader among our group because you are the oldest but do you not realize her potential?”

Sai rubbed his knuckles with his fingers, “I don’t understand the potential that she has. You cannot deny that you know her true potential. I just fear trusting her completely and have she be the one to back stab us, what if all this time we are rolling over on our backs with our bellies in the air while she is plotting on taking our race down?”

Ren sighed, “Not everyone is out to get someone else, brother. I know people very well, you know that, and I do not feel anything ill coming from Luna. I trust her with my life and so should you. We have been with her for too long to keep track, you cannot tell me you don’t trust her.”

“I do trust her,” Sai responded, “I trust Luna, I do but I also don’t want to trust her too much to the point where we become blind to what she is capable of doing.”

“That may be true,” Ren replied, “However, if you are not willing to trust her there is no reason to keep visiting her.”

Sai laughed, “Oh come on, and you know as well as I do that we all enjoy visiting Luna.
She is a beautiful and intelligent woman but I am just expressing that is what we should look out for. She is smart and can be cunning to her enemies; I just don’t want to become her foe.”

“We will never be our foe,” Sasuke said, “As long as we treat her like normal. Don’t let that man’s thoughts mess with your head. She is a trustworthy person; there is no reason to doubt her.”

Ren reached up and tapped the dark demon horns upon his head, “Well, what do you want us to do, Sai? Never see her again? Act like she doesn’t exist?”

A knock echoed around the room. Then another and followed by yet another series of knocks.

“She’s here,” Sai said, “We will act like nothing has happened alright? Treat her same as we normally do. There is no reason to act differently when we don’t know for sure. I think it will be best to have Sasuke go out and talk to her alone. I think she will lower her guard down enough if you sweet talk her a bit. Besides, I know you have something for her.”

Sasuke rolled his eyes, “Come on, all of you have feelings for her so I don’t know why I am picked out between all of us. We have talked about how we treat her like our precious princess.”

Sai nodded, “I understand that but what I am telling you is you need to talk to her one on one to see if you can get any information out of her. If you can’t get anything, then we will let these ill thoughts evacuate our minds.”

Sasuke returned his nod, “I don’t agree to this because I know she isn’t lying, but if it will put your minds at ease I will do it.”

The door opened and Luna came prancing in. Her bright blue hair illuminated against her yellow dress. She smiled widely at the brothers, her long white wings resting elegantly at her side. She looked back and forth between them. There was something different with the energy that they all gave off and she picked up on it right away. She knew that they were going to explain to her why they had this foreign energy surrounding their beings, because she could pick it up so easily.

“Hey Luna! How’re you?” Sasuke said with a smile.

Luna returned that smile, “I am doing very well actually. I’ve been learning a lot from
the humans. It is so interesting to see the way that they live.”

Sasuke looked at his brothers and then back towards the woman, “I was wondering if I could talk to you about something outside?”

Luna knew this was coming but she didn’t mind, the awkward tension in this room was enough to make her want to leave. So, she accepted this man’s question, “Of course.”
Sasuke leaned down, grabbed her hand and led her outside the house, as he looked back at the door he made eye contact with his brothers and he still couldn’t understand how they didn’t trust Luna after everything they all had been through.

Now, he was forced to walk with Luna soon and try to get information out of her when he had no idea how to do that in the first place. How were you supposed to get info out from someone who was perceived to be your friend for many eras of time? He knew that Luna had already picked up on the tension within the room but he just wished their master had not visited them earlier. Everything had been going great for all of them, they had been learning from each other and from the humans but he couldn’t comprehend the way they had so quickly turned on her.

He closed the door to the house and turned around leading Luna away.

Deep inside the house, the two brothers that were left alone looked at each other.

“Do you honestly think Sasuke is going to find anything wrong with Luna? We have been with her for a long time and have never found anything ill within her thoughts or actions. It almost seems kind of an act of unfaithfulness towards the young angel, do you agree?”

Sai closed his eyes, “I understand your concern perfectly, brother. Yet, if we shrug off our masters concern as if it was nothing he might start questioning our loyalty. As much as I wish to ignore his warnings we have to admit that we have been blinded by her beauty. It will make all of us sane, including our master to know that she is to be trusted. Do you not understand?”

Ren twirled his fingers together, “I know your reasoning for this brother. I feel though, that she will see it as a betrayal. We have to learn more about her kind and why she was banished to the human’s world. She was the first of her kind to withstand such an ill act of banishment, if we get on her bad side I fear that she will never reveal to us what she truly did to deserve such a thing from her homeland.”

“Regardless,” Sai started, “Sasuke is going to figure out what she is doing here. She should know that we would grow suspicious in how she even got within this planet as much as she is curious as to why we are here. There are many underlining meanings as to why different species visit the land of the humans and it is no stranger that we wish to know the reasoning that fuels her. Tell me, brother, do you not feel at all suspicious as to why she is here? Do you not want to learn more about her even if it may be something you don’t want to know? Or perhaps you are too scared to learn the truth because you fear it will be something you do not want to know. Make sure you keep your loyalty to your family, and not to a girl that you hardly know.”

Ren grew annoyed, “Why are you acting so coldly brother? You act as if you do not know Luna at all, as if you don’t care for her and it is rather unbecoming of you. I am not scared to know the truth; I want to know why she got banished as well. Do you not think it hasn’t crossed my mind that perhaps she did something horrible which is why she is here in the first place? I feel suspicious every time I see her but that doesn’t mean I am going to throw her under the bus and assume she is this evil angel when we have no proof.”

“We also have no proof that she is not evil, now do we?”

Ren didn’t understand why his brother was acting so strangely, he never used to be this cold and it scared him to think what his brother was capable of doing or what he was thinking. Sai was always the most calm and collected brother among them but he never let the thoughts of others invade his own personal mindset. That was why Ren thought it to be so strange, that for once his brother was acting as a puppet for their master.

“Tell me brother, is there an underlining reason here? I have evidence to think that you are working more closely with the master than normal. What has he promised you in return for such information on Luna?”

Sai’s lips curved, “You catch on too quickly, young brother.”

“So I was thinking, as well as my brothers as to why you have been banished upon the human’s planet, Luna. Is there a possible answer you could give me?”

Sasuke looked at her, her bright blue hair matched perfectly with the sky, it pained him to ask such a thing of her but there was no other way he could put it. He wanted to just forget what their master had said but the more he thought about it the more his own curiosity triggered within him.

“Your loyalty is being tested, isn’t it?”

Sasuke looked back at Luna, “What do you mean?”

Luna smiled, “I mean exactly what I said. Has someone brought my loyalty to you and your brothers into mention? There is no other reason as to why you would be treating me such a way.”

“I’m not treating you horribly, Luna. Please don’t get offended by my questions.” He leaned over and touched her hand but her grip was weak.

“Sasuke, you have always been the brother that was the fun one and also the one I liked to tease. I never thought that you would be so easily manipulated. It saddens me.”

Sasuke had no idea where this side of her was coming from. Usually she was this innocent and warm hearted person but she was acting as if he had already betrayed her when that was the last thing he wanted to do. Luna was in fact always teasing him but her jokes made him love her that much more, he could never dream to betray her but his mind began to play tricks with him. Even though he felt this way about her, what if behind his back she was betraying him?

“I would never deceive you. Everything I have ever done or said has been truthful. I let no one control me, there is no higher power pulling the strings. I control only one person and one person only controls me and that is I. You are foolish to let anything or anyone dictate what you do with your own thoughts.”

Sasuke rolled his tongue within his mouth, “We are only growing weary because our master has got us thinking about your intentions and why you were banished here to begin with.” As soon as he said such a statement he immediately regretted it. If any of his brothers or more so his master ever found out that he said anything about the plan to her they would wring him out.

Luna sighed and rested her blue eyes upon his yellow ones, “It is wise for them to feel such a way about me.”

He grew weary, “What do you mean by such a declaration as that?”

Luna shrugged, “I may not be who everyone presumes me to be. I will forever be your precious princess and I would never betray any of you. All I am saying is, I may not be as innocent as some people perceive me to be. People can hide who they really are behind a simple smile and I’m surprised it took you guys this long to ask me such important questions as this.”

Sasuke stepped back a couple feet, “What are you trying to say Luna? Is our apprehension supposed to be validated?”

Luna took a deep breath, “That’s for you to learn isn’t it? Like I said, I am someone that got banished by my own species; I am a woman that the angels themselves despise. It is rather silly to think that you as brothers never once thought that I could be someone to fear and you might soon regret such an act of kindness.”

Sasuke took a couple more steps back; he began to grow weary of what Luna was talking about. Was she saying that all this time she had never been their friend? Or was she simply teasing him again? He didn’t go one day without her taunting him with some crazy story but…was this really a false story or was it real? It felt strange to think that all this time they had trusted someone that might have been eating up their trust only to lash back at them with it. He needed to go talk to his brothers but first he had to figure out if this was true.

He looked back up at her as her hair blew gently in the wind, brushing against her pale face. Was she, he wondered, truly an enemy all this time?

Chapter commission for :iconvaniraa:

I love these OC's so much!!! She let me write whatever I wanted as the story ;AAA;

I hope you enjoy it dear! I will get to your other commission as soon as I can! If there is anything missing or that you want
added or taken out just send me a note.


Characters belong to *Vaniraa
Story belongs to =Reiyaa
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I love the way you gradually reveal all this doubt--and begin a new era in their relationships--it seems to be throwing everything up in the air for ALL of them.... I like the way you have Sasuke's reaction, how he "grow[s] weary of what Luna was talking about." That is a perfect reaction for someone who doesn't want to hear what he's hearing....
Reiyaa Featured By Owner Mar 27, 2013  Hobbyist Writer

I know, It's so scary to think if she is kidding or not QAQ

I love her characters. xD
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