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December 11, 2012
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Raising his cobalt eyes towards the night sky, Toshu watched the moon. It illuminated the area around him with its own bright aura. The flashing of the stars lingered, igniting the black abyss of the night. He turned his head to follow a lone star making its way down to the earth until he locked eyes with her.

The love he felt for her was reflected in every star and as vast as the universe. Every time he looked at her, he thanked the Gods for granting him the wish he had made on that shooting star a year ago.

“I love you.” He said warmly.

Moshu’s face blushed red and she raised her large kimono sleeves up to her face to hide the fact that she was so extremely in love and infatuated with him. Everything he did for her made her heart race and when they made eye contact for more than a couple of seconds, she felt their hearts connect. They were soul mates, no doubt about it. The fact that the Gods smiled down upon their blossoming love made the sensations she felt with him that much stronger.

“Stop it, beautiful”, he cooed as he leaned over and pulled her small framed body into his arms. “I’ll always protect you and remember that, okay?”

Moshu nodded, feeling her blush intensify, “Yes always,” she said.

He chuckled and rubbed her ear delicately, “Calm down,” he said lovingly, “You get flustered too easily.”

Moshu lowered her sleeves, “It’s only because I love you so much, you know.”

He laughed again, “You know how much I like to tease you,” he said, rubbing her ear gently.

Moshu whined, “Toshu…don’t. You know what rubbing my ear does to me.”

He smirked and leaned down, “Oh, I know. That is exactly why I do it.” He finished, kissing her forehead.

Moshu smiled, “Why are you so perfect?” She snuggled into his chest, feeling completely safe in his arms, like nothing could hurt her.

Moshu then smelled a sweet and familiar fragrance. The scent entered her nose and warmed her mind, leaving her in a peculiar euphoria.

“Moshu what is it?”

She just inhaled the enticing bouquet again, sending the fragrance deep into her core before she slowly stood up.

Toshu watched as she rose from the ground. He sensed something was wrong as his cat-like ears twitched as cherry blossoms were carried past them in a gentle breeze.

“Moshu,” he said sternly, reaching up and tugging on her kimono. He noticed the soft feathers on her wings move in the very same breeze.

Moshu heard a faint bell chiming in her ears, in a rhythmic trans-like tone. A stray cherry blossom landed gently on her nose making her sneeze, flinging the blossom to the grassy floor.

Toshu reached out and grabbed her hand gently, trying to bring her back to reality. She slowly turned towards him, the ringing of the bell still playing within her mind. “Do you hear that?”

Toshu tilted his head, twitching his cat-like ears in different directions in order to hear what had such a strong hold on her.

Moshu’s arm raised, her index finger straightening out, and as he turned to look, a pathway was formed out of the same cherry blossoms that were now falling all around them. The blossoms covered the outside world so only the path that was made could be seen.

Toshu walked closer to Moshu, “What is this magic?”

Moshu did not answer him and she began to walk, slowly pulling away from him until he was left behind. He raised his eyebrow, “Moshu! Don’t go that way! What if it’s not safe?”
She did not answer him but instead kept walking which forced him to follow her down the excessively pink pathway. As they walked, Toshu looked around noticing they were in a vortex. The pink blossoms formed a path in front of them and then hovered to the side of them; as if they were elegantly leading and pushing them into an unknown destination.
Toshu looked to the side, causing him to lose his sense of surroundings and bumped into Moshu’s back. In her trance-like state, she didn’t miss a step and her eyes were fixated ahead. Toshu followed the direction of her gaze and saw a colossal Sakura tree. It shimmered in a pink aura that sparkled in the air around it. The smell entered the vicinity and enticed his senses.

Toshu heard a soft bell chime and instantly saw Moshu’s body tense up. He rushed closer to her, holding her shoulders firmly, “What is wrong?” he asked frantically.

She slowly turned her head towards him, “Toshu… the tree is hurting.”

He angled his head to the side, “What are you talking about?”

Moshu just turned her gaze back towards the large pink hierarchy. She walked over to it, resting her palm on the trunk, her hand being illuminated by the soft pink aura. The giant pulsed causing the breath to escape from her lips. She trailed her fingers along the wood, rubbing it as the aura began to slowly engulf her body.

“Moshu!” he screamed. He sprinted towards her but a wall of blossoms towered in front of him, blocking his view from the women he loved.

“Let her be.” He heard a voice ring in his head. It was a hissing, spiritless voice.
Moshu looked up at the tree, letting her fingers continue to trail along the trunk. She slowly let go, her limbs falling nimbly to her side. The feathers on her wings shook as the petals of the tree landed upon them.

“Do you know why I brought you here?”

Moshu looked around slowly. Inside she felt frantic but her body was frozen, devoid of any movement. Who was this voice that was penetrating her mind? Were they friend or foe? Were they here to harm her and tear her away from Toshu?

“That is why I brought you here. Toshu is not whom you think he is.”

Moshu turned away from the tree and could see Toshu through the thin layer of cherry blossoms that was barricading him from her side. Should she listen to this voice?

“He is a warrior, ordered to find you and protect you.”

Moshu swayed her head back towards the tree’s direction, “Protect me from what?”

The voice took a while to speak back, which left her to grow anxious. The wind around her had ceased and it felt like she was lost, alone, within this tree’s world.

“To protect you from the ones that wish to harm you. These men have also been ordered to retrieve him and bring him back to their king. Toshu is very powerful and you are the sole reason he is still fighting in this war.”

Moshu’s heart began to beat fast, the blood tingling down her arms, a prickly sensation blanketing her body.

“Why do they want to harm me?”

“They want to kill you. Without you, Toshu would have no reason to keep fighting in the war. You have known Toshu for a year now but you know nothing about his past and he has masked it quit skillfully from you.”

Moshu could not respond as everything was coming as a shock. Her words chocked in her throat, allowing the stranger to commence his unpleasant knowledge.

“Once you two kissed, you transferred your angelic magic to him and he transferred his feline powers into you. You two are now connected in a way that his enemies feared would happen. For once you were connected; you obtained a massive power that can be used to take down many enemies. Yet,” the voice seemed to take a breath, “if one of you were to be separated or killed from the other…”

“Moshu!” she heard a voice ring in her ears, and she recognized it to be her lover. His tone sounded frantic but as much as she wanted to talk to him she needed to know what the voice wanted.

“What I want is for you to ask him about his past. To see if he admits to you that he is a warrior sent to protect you. His mission was to make sure you were not harmed. His commander had told him that you must be kept safe at all costs because you were the only one with the ability to keep this kingdom intact. What Toshu does not realize is that he is in fact the one that was destined to save this world. He was sent away to find you because your powers, once he acquired them, would allow him to be virtually unstoppable.”

Moshu’s heart froze as she looked at the tree that harbored the voice, “So, you’re telling me the whole purpose of him being with me is to make his powers stronger?”

“No,” the voice answered, “What I am telling you is, your loved one is more powerful then you realize and I am warning you that after a year of searching, enemies are on their way right now to kill you and capture him. If you do not talk to him and get the truth out of him now, I fear this prophecy will be met. So please, heed my warnings.”

Moshu felt the breeze come back and the wall of blossoms collapsed, allowing her love to run towards her and embrace her in a tight enfold.

She felt her heart seize up as he pulled away from her. “Are you alright?” he asked frantically, rubbing her body all around to make sure she was not wounded.

Moshu looked down at the sword strapped on his hip and now it all made sense why he always kept it safe at his side. What was she supposed to say to him? Was she merely to call him out and make him confess everything to her? She was not mad at him as she loved him deeply, but she was just so confused on what was to be done about this predicament. By what the voice said, they did not have much time left before the enemies would be here. She had to make a decision and it had to be made quickly if they were to escape from the clutches of these unknown assailants.

A medium-length story commission for my lovely best friend :iconmoshuchan:

She wanted it to feature cherry blossoms, herself and her man. :iconmahfeelzplz: I just thought
adding a little twist about Toshu in there would be a nice turn of events. :iconrubcheeksplz:

I hope you like it sweetie! I worked all day to make this perfect for you! :iconsnugplz:

Time: 8 hours.
Characters and back story =MoshuChan
Story to Alyssa Landau AKA =Reiyaa on DA only.
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Wah, that cliffhanger mocks me :iconlazycryplz: By the way, you wrote "women" instead of 'woman" in '“Moshu!” he screamed. He sprinted towards her but a wall of blossoms towered in front of him, blocking his view from the women he loved'
Also you wrote 'nimbly' instead of 'numbly" in the text below it when Moshu's arm fell down to her side. toolazytocopyandpastelol
takarayume Dec 19, 2012  Student General Artist
Uwaah just got to read this now and homg--another well done story~~ sakjask I hate that it had to stop there though--just when things were getting good too..:iconlazywhooplz: but yea, as usual, I never get tired of the vivid descriptions here and how you formulate words in such interesting ways~ <33 mnn hope this is continued--//choke
Reiyaa Dec 20, 2012  Hobbyist Writer

I know! I had to stop because of the limit on words ;AA;
You are always so sweet...thank you ;A;
takarayume Dec 20, 2012  Student General Artist
Awww:iconpetpetplz: too bad..:iconlazycryplz: and haha no probbu as always~ <33 ; 7 ;
-Compares romance story commish w/ adventure story in making.....- *loses inspiration*. HOW CAN I COMPARE WITH THIS?! oAo
Reiyaa Dec 14, 2012  Hobbyist Writer

Oh my gosh, thank you for the compliment! ;A;
Though, please don't loose inspiration!
If it means anything, I always read this article [link] it gives me inspiration because writing is a hard craft. No one ever reaches the top and becomes perfect in writing. We are all at different points in climbing that mountain. ^u^
Well, that IS very inspiring. Though, I'm not an aspiring author. I'm more of an art hobbyist. -Goal accomplished: Gain a Friend (Sub to your side)- I would feel glad to draw something... if I'm not lazy and I can stick to the simplish drawings, like on my page. x3

*In other news, I would like some input on what the story should be about. I could PM you, if you would like to read it. Based on my recent submission "The Road of Victory", where the drawing is NOT where it starts off; that'll be the near or very end*
Reiyaa Dec 14, 2012  Hobbyist Writer

Oh, sorry about that confusion! I figured you were a writer ha-ha. :iconsnugplz:
Art is very awesome! I wish I could draw, yet sadly I cannot *A*
Um you can if you want, though I have no idea when I'll get to it, I have so much to do.
Hope you finish them all before the break, so you can have fun. ;3;

Btw, I'm sending you the PM now. :D
Mani-Hime Dec 14, 2012  Student General Artist
Aaaw~This is so cute! Awesome job!
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