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Zander took a deep breath in, his lungs tried to ingest the air around him as quickly as they could. They needed to keep him up to par with this skilled fight. If not, he feared he would never be able to redeem himself in the eyes of her.

This woman was like his sister, so he always liked to impress her. To show off to her and most importantly beat her in everything that they did together. He needed her to live, knowing that, if he ever got harmed she would be able to cure him with the bond that their magic had made to each other. They loved each other. They were after all, each other’s best friends.

“Zander, you’re not going to win!” Maeyin yelled out to him, tauntingly.

Maeyin held her ground, looking at the man that had been with her though everything. He was the most important person in her life, besides her family .She always enjoyed these little skirmishes they had because the outcome would always lean in her favor.  

She twirled around, the wind catching her hair, allowing it to glisten in the subtle glow of the sun. She held a large two armed sword. Its blade was sharp and ready for battle. It reflected the bright blue sky that hovered overhead within the razorblade, as it vibrated with anticipation for the battle.

Zander smirked, running up to her while gripping his own sword tightly in his hand. As he made his way towards her, he raised his weapon up and slammed it down upon hers. He pushed all his bodyweight down, watching the sweat bead down her face.

“I wouldn’t be so sure about that.” Zander said playfully.

The sword she held began to glow in a small colorful tint and that tint began to rise up into his sword. Zander growled and pulled his weapon away from hers, as steam began to rise off his blade. He narrowed his eyes, blowing air onto his blade, carrying the vapor away with the same wind that made her look so beautiful.

She grinned and without responding to his comment ran at him, digging her feet into the ground, propelling her body into him. Once her body made contact she crashed harder into him, kicked his stomach and sent him flying and skidding along the tough stoned floor.

Maeyin moved her head, brushing the hair out from the vision of her eyes. She clicked her finger upon her weapon, making its ring chime around the arena.

“Do you give up yet, Zander? You know you will never be able to beat me. We have fought how many times?”

Zander got up slowly, wiping the dust from his clothes, “More than I can count.”

Maeyin nodded, “You have not won once. Yet, you’re so adorable when you try so hard.”

Zander let out slow laugh, “You treat me just like a little brother.”

He then ran at her, catching her off guard and he slammed his sword into her own, so quickly in fact that her blade fell away from her side, leaving him pressing his blade to her chin. “You forget I am four years older than you.”

Maeyin smiled, “You got me on this one…”

Unknowingly to Zander, she had focused her energy to allow her weapon to slowly hover into the air and make its way back to her. She was going to take down her best friend and she was going to do it with stylish grace.

Maeyin closed her eyes, allowing Zander to puff out his chest. His ego took the best of him, “Look who finally won?” he said laughing, his eyes sparkling with excitement.
Maeyin did not open her eyes or respond. Instead, she threw her arm into the air and the sword returned into her grasp and as she clenched her fingers around the handle she slashed it into the air, knocking his own sword out of his grip, sending it spiraling to the floor.

He cursed loudly as he jumped backwards, just as his sword made contact with the ground he had been sitting on moments before.

Zander knew there was no other alternative. He could never beat her, so the only thing he could do to up his chance of winning was to transform, so that is what he did.

He swiftly crouched to the floor as his body morphed. A long howl erupted from his lips and into the surrounding area. His body became enclosed by black smoke.

Maeyin hollered at him, “Zander! You’re cheating!”

He just laughed which sounded more like a snort and as the black smoke cleared a large black wolf stood in his place, its large wings glowing in the sun.

Maeyin knelt down, allowing Zander to take his chance and he leapt at her. His large talons lunged out of there thresholds as he swiped them at her.

Maeyin got hit across the arm, allowing her sleeve to rip. She cringed, rolling to the side and once she regained her composure she flung her body out and tackled Zander. They rolled around, each body weight pushing down on the other. Maeyin knew her sword was weighing her down and she tossed it aside. As much as it pained her to throw it, she had no other choice. It hit the ground with a loud bang, the metal clanking onto the stone floor around them. She cringed at the noise, wanting to grab it but she knew it was only slowing her down.

Her fists would serve as better weapons than a large heavy sword. The weapon would only hinder her movements.

As the sword came to a rest on the ground, it evaporated into the air and Zander, caught off guard by such an action, was left wide open to be hit square in the chest by Maeyin.

He growled and quickly regained himself and sprinted away from her. He then used the momentum he had built up to come back around and clench his jaws around her arm.

She cursed and tried to pull away, any real harm would be healed quickly by her magic.
Which, she decided was now the best time to use. The only way to really take down a being that was transformed was to use magical abilities.

She took a deep breath as her arm began to slowly glow, it shimmered and glowed inside his mouth.

This action made him weary and he let go of her, unclenching his jaws and ran away from her only to hear the magic zoom out of her hand and set his tail on fire. He didn’t know what to do. So he ran around, trying to rub his backside on the floor, to put out the blaze but Maeyin was right there to grip his neck with her hands and hold him down to the floor roughly.

Zander howled, his body once again being slammed to the floor. Maeyin took this advantage and jumped on top of him, slammed his face into the ground again and immobilized him.
If he moved it would cause his neck to snap. He let out a long ominous growl, before transforming back into his human form. He was left to look back at her and admit defeat.

“You win.” He said solemnly.

She smiled, “What?”

He growled but still let a smirk cross his face as he responded more accordingly, “You win…again.”

Short story commission for :iconmaeyin:

She wanted it to feature her OCs, Maeyin and Zander. She gave me guidelines that she wanted me to write about. To have it feature a fight and to have Zander transform. :iconshe-plz:

I will be trying to pump out these commissions in the next couple of hours. Editing is really taking it's time so, I will most likely go back to these commissions in a couple days, (on my day off from work), and edit them again. Sorry for any mistakes. ^.^

I hope you like it my sweets! If there is anything you want me to fix, please let me know~ :icongoyuiplz:

Time: 2 hours
Genre: Adventure
Characters and back story © ~Maeyin
Story © to Alyssa Landau AKA =Reiyaa on DA only.
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takarayume Featured By Owner Jan 17, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Aww such a cute story~ definitely like the characters and how the fight scenes play out~! Well done, Reicchi~!
Tai-zhi Featured By Owner Jan 14, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I love how you did the descriptions and details in this one here! All of it conveys such wonderful imagery and it makes me feel like I'm holding the sword and watching the fight up close *A* awesome job!! >v<b
Mii-Ume Featured By Owner Jan 13, 2013
this is so cool! i love how they fight and zander loses to a girl XD
cautioncone16 Featured By Owner Jan 11, 2013
Awesome work!! (as usual) You make the tension so well-done its insane!!
cddmanful Featured By Owner Jan 10, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
You really describe fights, especially magical fights, so well! Again, I love the way you show different imaginative ways of doing magic, for example the colors of the swords, the clear and different way of telling of Zander's transformation (and the touch of having his laugh sound different because he'd just changed...), and the way you describe the actions of her sword floating and later "evaporat[ing] into the air." I really like the creative way she won, and interesting fighting techniques such as setting his tail afire! I confess I found Zander's efforts to put that out a bit funny to imagine--nice to have a bit of comic relief in a fight!
Maeyin Featured By Owner Jan 10, 2013
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