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Aiko felt as if she needed to flee away from this situation, and she cursed to herself for being spellbound by Alec’s good looks. She looked between all of them, what was she going to do in this position? Was she to run away? No, there was no way she would make it. She knew the only thing plausible would be to stay here and listen to what they had to say but the way they already started made it seem like they were desperate to have her. Yet, what special trait did Aiko possess that they wanted so hungrily?

She rubbed her face softly; it still ached from the hard fall just moments before.

“What do you want from me?” Aiko asked.

The woman looked down at her, she looked strange, and her expression was heavy. It looks as if the woman wanted to tell her something more important but as she looked around at the other people in the group Alec stepped forward. He looked down at Aiko, “I am sorry to be so sudden with you and to betray you once we met but you must understand I had no choice in the matter.”

Aiko had no idea what he was even talking about, why couldn’t they just leave her alone?

Why couldn’t they let her escape? Why was she so special?

“What do you want?” She asked again. She needed an answer, he was dodging around the question and it made her nervous.

Alec took a deep breath, “We need you in order to infiltrate through one of top enemy clans.”

Aiko held her breath, what did that even mean? She didn’t want to put herself in any kind of danger and the amount of information that she was now learning made her regret even talking to this man. Yet, with the way he was talking to her made it apparent that he would have stolen her away if she had not complied in the beginning.

“Any evil clan? What are you talking about? Everyone upon this land lives peacefully!”
Alec shook his head and the group behind him chuckled, “You really have no idea the kind of horrible actions are taking place right under your nose. Innocent people are being killed; many of our own kind are being taken hostage. This evil clan plans to take down the town that you grew up within. If you do not help within this battle then you doom your own happiness.”

Aiko bit her lip, why did she always have to have something bad happen to her? First her parents had died, her brother left her alone and now it would be her fault if she was not going to cooperate with strangers that seemed as if they were forcing her to make a decision that benefited him?

“Why me?”

The girl that had taken her down moments before spoke up now, all the men stared at her like she was someone to look up to, “Aiko, as a woman myself I must tell you that you are more important than you realize. It has been told through our clan that a young woman fitting your description and your name would be the only one that could take down our enemy clan.”

Aiko still didn’t understand anything that was happening. No matter how many times they tried to explain anything to her it just confused her even more. What did it matter what she looked like or what name she had? She had lived a life by herself so no one was going to miss her if she would turn up dead. Could she really trust these people? What if they just wished to trick her and then kill her on the spot? Then again…if they wanted to kill her so badly, she would already be dead.

“What am I supposed to do? How did you guys even find me and what are you?”

The woman spoke up again, “We are a specialized clan that keeps this land safe and all the people that live within it. Lately however, there has been an evil clan that has been formed. They hold a malicious member, the leader of their group. He possesses powers that can take down all of us at the same time. We need you because you are the only one that we could sense that possessed the same powers as this man. If anyone can take down this man it is you.”

Aiko grew even more confused, “I don’t understand what you mean. You are saying I have powers right? I do not know what you are talking about. I have never seen such powers come from within me.”

The woman bit her lip, “I know you do not know of your true potential however, believe me when I say, we have been searching for months until we finally found you. You are more important than you realize. You hold those powers that can take down their clan leader, and if you allow us at least a week we can prove to you of your true potential. You have power that is locked up within you. It just needs a little reassurance to be brought out.”

Alec now stepped in, “What she says is true. I know you don’t like that I betrayed you but please understand that whatever I did, I did for the sake of my clan and for you.”

“How does this benefit me at all?” Aiko didn’t want to believe this. They all acted like they were doing her a favor but it was a favor that she did not want. She knew the only way out of this however, was to do what they said. If they wanted one week with her then that was what she would be forced to do, at least then they would leave her alone once they found out she was not this special feline like they presumed her to be. It wasn’t as if she had anyone to go home to, she had been abandoned and if she was being honest with herself she actually felt somewhat satisfied that someone needed her as much as they did.

“If you help us,” Alec started, “If you help us take down the opposing clan leader we will show you where your brother resides.”

Here is a short story commission for :iconcddmanful:

Omg....I love talking to you, you are are such an amazing person! ;vv; I hope I didn't dissapoint you with this story! I wanted to write so much more but alas, i don't think i would be able to stop!!


I added the part about her family/brother, I hope that's okay! I thought it gave the story a good twist. 'v '

Characters belong to ~cddmanful
Story belongs to =Reiyaa
cddmanful Featured By Owner Mar 26, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Oooooooo--I am learning more and more about my Aiko....and about Alec, who we all thought might be a cool guy for her...but....

Anyway, now I know she has been abandoned (no wonder she lived alone, and did so much to fend for herself....) I love this story! You do internal conflicts so well--I bet you love that sort of story ("Should I, or shouldn't I?") and I love that sweet Aiko might become a hero, if these characters aren't trying to pull a fast one on her...
Reiyaa Featured By Owner Mar 26, 2013  Hobbyist Writer

Yes, I love love writing about the should I or should I not scenes. xD I like to get into the mind of the reader and make them think and wonder what they would chose in such a situation.

and they might be pulling something on her...

we will never know!!!! ....well its up to you LOL. Oh gosh.
cddmanful Featured By Owner Mar 26, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
It's almost like you could stop the story and say, "What would you do?", to the readers....:XD:

I suppose it is up to me! I will wait a bit to commission you for the next chapter, so to speak--I could try myself, but wonder if there are copyright issues, since you wrote the others....hmmm....:iconthinkingplz:
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