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Synnefa looked towards her from afar. She wanted so desperately to pull her back into reality, to let the woman know what she was missing, what had been torn away from her life. She was stalking her once best friend and her name was Vanilla. They both had been best friends and were guardians of their kingdom away from earth. However, one day came where a demon escaped from his hell and squeezed his body into their kingdom in order to take down the king. Vanilla had gotten their first and to get back at the king the demon took one of his best guardians and banished her to earth, cleaned out her memory and let her forget about what she had been and who she had been friends with. So now, as Synnfea watched her friend, Vanilla had no idea that she had been a guardian and that they had even been friends in the first place.

Synnefa came down straight to earth once she found out about what the demon had done. The king had called an emergency meeting and as soon as she saw the look on his face and realized Vanilla was not yet in the meeting corridor she knew what had happened. She remembered the king telling her to go fetch Vanilla from earth and to bring her back to her home kingdom but Synnefa knew that it was much more complicated than that. The demon had set a curse on her and she had no idea if it would allow the prior guardian to return to her homeland, not to mention she had no idea how to even convince Vanilla that they knew each other. She couldn’t fathom someone coming to her and telling her such a crazy story and believing everything that person said.

Synnefa watched as Vanilla pranced around within the pet shop that she worked in. She was running around helping a lot of customers and it sickened Synnefa to see a once top guardian acting in such a way and catering to such unappreciative humans. To Synnefa and everyone upon their kingdom, the humans were the worst creatures in existence, besides the demons of course. That was why that demon banished Vanilla to this world. Earth was infested with so many mortals that had no special powers at all; all they did was slowly destroy their planet and each other. They had no appreciation for the life that they were killing upon this world and as much as earth tried to give them warnings of its patience wearing thin, none took heed to its forewarnings.

Synnefa wanted so desperately to just run into this store, take her by the hand and then force her back into the kingdom but that was something she would never be able to do. The only way that would work would be to grab Vanilla when she was least expecting it and try to explain to her what had befallen her, of course that would have to happen after she had befriended Vanilla, otherwise it would just be a random person telling her senseless things.

She wished she could tell Vanilla that the kingdom in which was her true home was getting taken over by the demons, that without her expertise in guarding the kingdom they were slowly disintegrating. She wanted to just scream at the demon that had done this to her best friend. What had she done to deserve such a thing as losing her memory and the place that she called home? She had done nothing to warrant such an ill act, all because of what? Was it all because she was a great guardian? Were people now being forced to hide their true potential within their home land because of the fear that the same fate would befall them that had taken over Vanilla? It was a predicament that many young guardians were facing within their home world and no matter what the king said he could not ease their ailing minds. They figured if he could not save his best and most trustworthy guardian what hope did they have to stay safe?

After many months of searching for her best friend, she had finally found her, but what was she supposed to do now? It seemed foolish to just act as if they had not known each other. It was almost cruel to her mind to play such a trick as that. Yet, this was the price that had to be paid, she didn’t know why it must be paid but because it happened she figured fate had something more in store for her.

“Why are you wasting so much time?”

Synnefa held her breath as she heard the voice of the king bellow in her ears, she bit her tongue trying to figure out what the best way to answer was.

“I fear going in and talking to her.”

“Why is that?”

Synnefa rubbed her arm anxiously, “I know that she won’t remember me. I mean we have been best friends for years and I cannot fathom the idea of her not knowing who I am just a little bit. We have been through so much together and I don’t want to ruin our possible rekindling if I go about the topic too roughly.”

The king spoke soothingly back, “Do not be afraid. The demon’s powers are strong and completely wiped out her memory. The best you can do is take it slowly and befriend her. Once you develop a bond you can let her know the real truth and if she accepts, which we all hope she does, you can lead her back into our kingdom.”

Synnefa tilted her head to the side, trying to get a better look at Vanilla who was cuddling a small rabbit, “What if I do manage to accomplish that task but when I take her back through the gates to get to our kingdom, the curse the demon set on her won’t allow her entrance? Does a spell like that even exist?”

The king now took a while to respond, “I cannot lie to you that I do not know for certain she will be allowed back here but our best bet is to try. She is our best guardian second to you, and the longer you both are out of our limits the more danger it puts us through. So please, just be careful and try your hardest. I cannot guarantee anything but if you miss her as your friend, at least you will have that bond ignite again if all else fails.”

Synnefa nodded her head and the King cut off their mental contact. She turned back to look at her once best friend and wondered if she would ever be able to get that once amazing bond back.

She had to try, and taking the first step was going to be the hardest. She gathered her courage and walked across the street and past some humans and finally into the pet shop.
A bell rang to signal her entrance and it caused all the dogs within the shop to bark and she heard Vanilla’s sweet voice chime out, “Welcome! If you need any help I will be glad to be at your service!”

Her face stuck out from one of the cages she was cleaning and Synnefa’s bodies shivered with disgust. A powerful and honorable guardian was wasting her time on petty things as this. If only she knew what she used to be, perhaps it was time to finally make that contact and hope for the best.

“Thank you! I was actually thinking of buying a cat.”

Vanilla popped her body out of the cage, closed the door after petting the small bird and made her way towards her once best friend.

“Oh that is so exciting! What kind of cat are you interested in? Do you wish to have a kitten or an adult feline?”

Synnefa took a deep breath trying to hold her composure, “Uh, I don’t really mind either way.”  

Vanilla smiled widely, “Oh then you’ll love him!”

She retreated into the back room and when she reappeared she was holding a gray kitten, it was meowing loudly and it already began to annoy her but buying an animal from Vanilla at her work was an essential first step.
Story Commission for :iconpureiia:

I hope you like it dear! :iconyuihugplz: I really love these characters! I didn't know quite what you wanted me to write about so I hope this suffices!

Characters belong to =pureiia
Story belongs to =Reiyaa
cddmanful Featured By Owner Mar 27, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
I love this story--It's so cool that Vanilla is so happy in her ignorance, and that her friend and co-guardian is willing to do what much-disgusts her in order to help, and win back her friend....Such hope, in this story!
syoyoyo Featured By Owner Mar 27, 2013

Hnnnn reiyaaa omggggg asdkfjhsdgkad- :iconrainbowtearplz::iconrainbowtearplz:
this is really perfect hnnn-
this is actually what I imagined the story would be, its so beautiful aaaaa <33 :iconweepplz:
thank you so much for the commission, i love it so much! <333
Reiyaa Featured By Owner Mar 27, 2013  Hobbyist Writer

I'm so glad you liked it bby QAQ <3333

I love that it's what you imagined it to be. ;v; <333
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