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December 17, 2012
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Kokoro sat upon a tree branch, looking down at a river that slithered its way through a meadow, up into the mountains. It was a beautiful view. Euteria was magical, in its own way. She felt like she was safe here. She did not know many of the cats that resided in this place, but she did admire the beauty within their domain. Why, then, did she feel so trapped? No one knew what her life was like, what she had been through. She wished to leave it that way, but a small bit of her yearned to let it out.

She longed to tell someone that the master who Butter and her friends despised, was in fact the very human she had been hired by to spy upon the young flame point. It was her own master whom was friends with Ren. They had made a pact, which was why Iris had been freed. Her master felt that Iris was too rebellious and would not agree to the order, so he dismissed her leaving Kokoro to do the job. As much as it pained her, she knew defying her masters’ orders would never be possible.

Her master had saved her when she was a small kitten, ironically, from Ren’s breeding prison. She had been locked up in one of many cages, the cages that signified the breeding of a cat until its death. A human had visited the place and saw her cowering in a cage with her fellow felines. He reached into the cage and picked her, saving her from a life of torture. For that, she was eternally grateful.

She had been with her master for over a decade, doing jobs for him outside in Euteria’s wilderness, while he focused on making Iris think she was his only asset.

It frustrated Kokoro knowing she had more physical power than Haru and Iris, but she could never show it. Her mission was simple: stay under the radar, befriend Butter, leak information secretly to Ren, and never have them grow suspicious of her true power.
She was thankful that no one in the group questioned her about her own master. She knew if they did she would tell them he was very tolerant with her roaming about for months at a time, which was true, but only when she was on a mission such as this. She was here to learn of Butters weakness, whether it be physical or emotional, to inform the other side of her strength in magic and physical combat, and lastly, if need be, to be the one to take her down.

Her master had informed her that Butter was the first of her kind to have human magic inside of her, Butters mother being the first to be bred by a human. As much as it sickened Kokoro to spy and ultimately betray Butter, she had no other choice; she would always pick her masters wishes over her own. She was obedient to a fault, and only hoped she would not be found out.

“Kokoro, sorry it took me so long to answer you. I have Ren with me now. So, please inform us of the occurring events.”

She recognized the voice in her head to be her masters. The young female cat looked around, the secluded place that she picked still quiet and isolated.

She spoke back to them within her mind, “The blue points are still recovering from the battle. They are still weak, if you wish to attack them again.”

“Yes,"she heard her master speak, “We will most likely attack again... what is happening with Haru and Butter?”

Kokoro knew they were already aware of the fact that Haru had been bred by a very strong human; solely to protect the female flame point.

“Haru has brought Butter to the castle where their elder resides. He plans to take her bells off so that you will not be able to track her.”

Her master spoke, “That is perfectly fine. Since you still have a bell on your neck, we can track you and in turn know where she is.”

Ren interrupted, “I worry the elder will try to take your bell off as well, assuming I was him. That is what I would do to ensure the flame points safety.”

“So,” her master said, “We are sending you this,” as he spoke, Kokoro could feel her lap get heavier as a glittery aura sparkled around her hands.

Her master continued, “What you will see is a blue bow.”

Kokoro looked down and in her hands was striped blue bow, “This is to be given to her?” she asked, moving the bow around, rubbing the soft fabric with her fingers.

Ren answered, “Yes. I have put a spell upon it that will allow me to track her without her knowledge. Be sure you give it to her after she has left the elder, for I fear he will sense the magic. Also, the spell will only work once it is placed neatly within her hair. Inform us once you give her this token, understand?”

Kokoro nodded, “Understood.” She then felt the connection dissipate and she was left to look down at the bow. She knew her task was easy, as a shrewd smile appeared on her face.

"The world of Euteria was once a place where young nekos could roam free, yet now the time has changed
as humans flooded the secret world. The once beautiful domains are now choked by the hands of the humans
who yearn to control and cage the magical nekos. Now is the time to fight back, but who can take down such
magical and powerful humans? The grounds in which evil lurks are shadowed by the secret hands of
manipulation. The very obscurities that engulf Euteria, are now at the mercy of the Flame Point who must rise
to salvage it. Yet, will the damage the humans caused be deemed too much? Submerse yourself in a world
of dark twists, where promises are broken, hearts are betrayed and hope becomes a fleeing memory.
Plunge yourself into the world of Flame Points."

Hello everyone! :iconsuprisecryplz:

Here is Chapter 9 of Flame Points! You all wanted to know the back-story of Kokoro...So here it is! :iconpachuuplz:

I know, it's sad ;AAAA; I'm so sorry!! I know it's a short chapter as well, I figured it would deliever more of a punch that way.

I hope you guys enjoyed it! :iconahsorryplz:

The story is © to Alyssa Landau aka. Reiyaa on DA ONLY.
The characters and back stories are © to Alyssa Landau aka. Reiyaa on DA only.
Redistribution or copying of my story will result in legal action.

Thank you all for your support in sticking with me through these installments! I would be nowhere without you all. Your praise, comments and support push me to better myself and my writing. :iconyuiwahplz:
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HeartTeddies Aug 4, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Kokoro was already my favorite character, but this chapter just made me like her even more. Haha, her being like that was completely unexpected, but I don't think that she's so cruel just because she's spying. Like Cherry-tama said, she's been rescued by her master and is indebted. And unrelated to that topic, I love her character design. XD
Poor Kokoro, I can understand why she feels indebted to her master. He rescued her from a life of forced breeding :iconuu-plz: Her backstory is so tragic! She's a trooper though ; u ; Is there a reason why her master let Iris think she was the only one?

For some reason I like the fact that Kokoro has more power than even Haru ^^; Ren is cruel to have her betray Butter :I And being so sneaky with that bow.

There's one crit I'd like to add. I think this would work better if Kokoro's backstory was hinted at in chapters, until it comes to a boiling point in one chapter, if that made any sense.

Short chapter, but still very full of emotion and exciting developments. Flame points is building up to even greater developments :iconokie2plz:
watermelon-clock Jan 9, 2013  Student Digital Artist
aaaaaaaaaaaaaaeeeeeeeeeee ; v ; its all coming out nowwwwww oooooooo <333
Reiyaa Jan 9, 2013  Hobbyist Writer

Yes it is ;AAA;
daw i thought kokoro was the shy one but this is ramping higher and higer!!!! XD I'm flailing!!!!!!weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
i'm so glad 9 finally came out this chapter is awesome!!!!!!! meeeepppppp next plzzzz
Reiyaa Jan 9, 2013  Hobbyist Writer

I'm so happy you enjoyed it so much!
Caipryss Jan 1, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
nuuuuuuu! How can koko be like this >.< (hee hee, koko, that's my doggy's name XD)
I mean... it's so sweet that her master saved her and everything but even she shouldn't do something like this >.<
i'm so sad now D: i used to think she was so sweet and innocent
i hate it >.< but i love it, you know?
the best artists know how to anger their readers XD
a twist in a story is what makes it a good story, keep doing this and i swear you'll be a famous author :D I'll keep being suprised and occasionally upset.... but if that makes a good book, KEEP DOING IT! XD
if anything, i thought iris would be the one to betray...
i hope koko (i call her that now ^^ if that's okay?) doesn't end up totally betraying them, that would totally break my heart D:
I just wish she could find a way to betray her master :iconcraiplz: her story is so sad...
poor koko XD So sad, she has to choose between master and friends and it's so sad that she said her master's wishes come before her's >.<
maybe she can change to good before everyone else finds out. if they found out before she changed, omg that would be terrible, i can't imagine what would happen but i now i'd be in tears
koko is one of my fav characters (same with butter and skotch and iris and haru... and everyone XD they're all great characters) I can't believe this is actually her, her backstory is sooo sad. but i guess there has to be a sad part to everything
i like the idea of the blue bow though ^^ So before koko gives it to butter, she doesn't have the bow in her hair? so creative and mind boggling XD
keep up the good work Reiy <3 A good story really makes me thinks and Flame Points tosses my thoughts around like clothes in a washing machine (that's a good thing! :D) So i can't wait to read more <3
so sorry for the very late comments thought i don't think it matters much because you already get so many great ones, mine probably doesn't' differe much ^^ And sorry for the spam in your inbox ^^;
ps, i love the shorter chapters, the long ones i have to find time to read the whole thing at once (otherwise i forget everything *kicks bad memory far far away* and it's hard to find a good enough time to read them >.< so hurray for short chapters! XD
Reiyaa Jan 9, 2013  Hobbyist Writer

LuciaTan Dec 29, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
AWWWW!!! Kokoro!:heart: :iconyuiwahplz:
Reiyaa Dec 29, 2012  Hobbyist Writer

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