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November 30, 2012
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Haru let his mouth drop open slightly until he caught himself, “The male flame point holds more power than he comprehends.”

The elder nodded, “This is precisely why, when the time is right, we tell him of that power. If Butter successfully falls for you and kills her master, and Scotch knowing of the outcome will not hesitate to save her.”

Haru sat back in his chair, rubbing his head, “Scotch is very noble but his sister would never allow him to do such a thing as to sacrifice himself.”

The elder grimaced, “That is why we will not make it known to her. As you know, Scotch is the switch that enables Butter’s magic. We need that magic and cannot afford it to be switched off by any means. This is a type of power I have only sensed in Ren, so it is only fitting that his own prized possession was the one factor that lead him to his downfall.”

Haru nodded, “Then where do we go from here?”

The elder adjusted himself within the seat, “Firstly you must take her and her friends to a secondary location. Ren is too smart to be tricked by a spell to—“Sir,” Haru interrupted, “Why not just teleport this place? I know it would take a lot of magic but we have enough men to accomplish such a task. I don’t think it’s safe to reside here if the humans now know where to find us.”

The older blue point was quiet for a few long seconds before answering, “I do not fear that he would ever come back. The only reason he found our castle in the first place is because of the flame points bells.  As soon as she is gone from here we don’t have the need to worry anymore. We need to take off the bells, however, did you tell her about the pact she would make with us?”

Haru nodded, “Yes I told her but…”
“She did not show complete faith did she?”

Haru nodded his head again, “When I told her about how she would have to kiss Ren her skin flushed and I could almost smell the stench of her love for him.”

“It’s not the kind of love you’re thinking, Haru.”

The young blue point tilted his head, making his cat-like ears twitch, “What do you mean?”

The elder continued, “She has a love for Ren like someone would have for their safe keeper. Although he beat her, she still feels a connection with him that only a master and a slave could understand. She will always be linked to him, no matter how much she hates him. The magic coursing through her veins makes their bond that much harder to break. That is why you must get her to fall in love with you.”

“The spell Ren has cast on her…”

“Don’t worry about that,” the older cat interrupted, “Ren would never enable the spell to
actually work. Besides, when I place the seal on her I will try my hardest to weaken the strength of Ren’s spell, but my own powers are not as potent as they used to be. Bring her here now, I will lift the sleeping spell Ren has cast on her and then remove the bells like I have for every cat here, including you.”

Haru bowed and fled off down the stoned-floor, the sound of his black boots hitting the floor ricocheted around the room.  He feared this elder because he knew too much, his master had told him to never trust the elder but the old cat was all he had as a guardian. As his eyes focused on Butter’s peacefully sleeping body as he entered the sunlight outside, he wondered what the true motive the elder had with not only her but her brother.

As Haru came to a halt and looked down at the chosen flame point’s body resting in the demon cat’s arms and he knew in order to retrieve Butter would be a challenge. He had to try his luck regardless of the forbearance, “I need to borrow her just for a little while.” Haru said pleadingly.

Iris looked up at him, “You are not taking her anywhere unless I’m there.”

Haru shook his head, “Please don’t make this difficult. I am taking her to the elder and he is going to lift the sleeping spell from her body.”

Iris held Butter’s body closer, “Are you hard of hearing? I already told you the alternative to letting her go with you.”

Haru could understand the demon cats worry but he had no time to spare in quarreling with her, “Please.” Was all he could say, trying to cover up his growing frustration.

Iris softly moved Butter’s body into the arms of Kokoro and Scotch who instantly clung to her. Iris, returning her eyes back to the blue point, stood up. “I don’t know anything about you, blue point. You just barge yourself into our group without proper introductions and expect us to trust you fully?”

Haru understood what Iris was saying, he most likely would have felt the same way. Yet this demon cat did not, could not comprehend the severity of the situation.

He just bowed, “I apologize. My name is Haru and,” he looked and pointed to all the male blue points slowly beginning to surround them, “This is my clan and we are dedicated to eradicating the humans as you already know. Butter is the key to ending the slavery of our race including yours. I ask for you to trust me and relinquish the flame point to me, please. There is a lot for her to learn in such a little space of time.”

Iris twitched her tail quickly around, “Haru is it?”

Haru nodded and she commenced, “If you want Butter there is only one thing you can do to make me give her to you.”

Haru bowed slowly, “Anything.” He politely said.

A smile erupted from the demon cat’s lips, “You have to fight me. If you win I will hand her over willingly but,” she said more sternly, “If you lose you let us decide as a group whether we stay here or leave, with Butter.”

The blue points around Haru walked closer, ready to aid him in battle but he raised his hand, an instant order for them to halt. Haru was intrigued with this female, to have her so willingly and passionately defend a friend she hardly knew. She obviously had no chance of winning but he enjoyed her spunk and also would enjoy defeating her, of course, with some flare.  

Haru proceeded, “I think that is a perfect way to decide things.”

Iris looked around at the snickering faces of Haru’s minions surrounding her. What were they smiling about? She had been trained in fighting, personally be her master, soon those smirks would be wiped clean off their faces. She had taken it easy when she had fought Butter, regretfully in the past but this cat Haru would earn no such leisure.

“Are you going to call off your henchmen?”

The blue points around her grew angry and let out long hisses, making Iris laugh, “Oh so touchy.”

Haru nodded, “Of course.” He finished, snapping his fingers and his clan shrank away unwillingly, leaving Haru and Iris with a rather large chunk of battle ground.
Iris turned her head, “You two need to get out of the way too.” She said and Kokoro picked up Butter as Scotch followed obediently. Iris, now content looked back at the blue point who was smirking and she returned the same expression.

“Well let’s get on with it then.” She said.

Haru nodded, “Since you’re a woman I’ll let you make the first attack.” He did not underestimate her; rather he wanted to make her angry to see the full amount of power she could bring to the table.

Iris growled, she didn’t want anyone to think she had no fighting abilities, especially because she was a woman. She grew angry as she jumped out towards him. She bent her fist back and sprung it forward right into his face and as it made contact his body evaporated.

“You can do better than that.” She heard soft whisper from behind her.

She growled and twirled her body around only to slam her fist into the empty cavity of air. This was when Iris knew this man was a much stronger opponent than she had first anticipated. So she focused her energy as her nails began to glow in her flashy red aura. The demon cat concentrated on the where about of the seemingly transparent foe. She calmed her breathing and could begin to see the wind blowing around her and then stop in one section of the air. She smirked and swiftly propelled herself off the ground and slammed her fist into the air, and feeling it come in contact with a dense object, she un-focused her cat-like instincts as she saw the blue points body reappear and slam into the ground.

Haru let out a small chuckle as his body made contact with the stone floor. He rubbed his throbbing lower jaw, “Very impressive.” He said smiling, “Now it is my turn.” He said in a sinister voice and Iris had no chance to put her guard up as she saw his body vanish and felt his fists hammering into her back, slamming the front half of her body into the ground. She felt the blue points weight holding her own down and felt his breath and admittedly handsome voice enter her ears, “You are very beautiful.” He said and Iris growled as her cheeks burned red.

She swiftly flipped her body around and kicked her foot but his body already vanished into the thin air around her.

She raised herself off the ground as her blush dispersed, “Teleporting is a coward’s way to fight!” She spat and as the sentence left her mouth Haru reappeared in front of her and kicked his foot into her stomach causing her to let out all the air in her lungs, “That’s more like it..” she said breathing in deeply to regain her lost breath, “It would be an insult if you didn’t hit me because I was a woman.” She tried to regain herself as quickly as possible before Haru took his chance.

Haru nodded as Iris got up and then attacked him with her glowing fists but Haru instantly blocked her attack by colliding his own shimmering blue fists. This fight was already going on for far too long and he needed to end it before the elder came out in a furious frenzy.

Iris growled and pushed her body weight into him but he was stronger and his physical and magical abilities completely overtook her own and his blue magic hungrily engulfed her body and zapped away her red magic. She let out a painful moan as her own power was being drained and clawed out of her body, zapping her of any strength to continue the fight and she cursed to herself as the blue point had planned this and even more angry at herself for not protecting and foreseeing such an attack.

She fell to the floor and growled as she ripped her hands away from his grasp as he chuckled and crouched down next to her, rubbing her face tenderly, “It is okay sweetheart you tried your hardest. It was a good fight.”

Iris looked away from him as her cheeks warmed again and she grew humiliated as she heard the hollers and screams of victory from his clan.

“Now, hand over the flame point?” Haru asked as he offered his hand out to her.  Iris looked towards it, and being fairly beaten and out-matched she took his hand.

Hello everyone! :iconyuiwahplz:

I hope you enjoy this chapter! We get to see a little more insight on what the elder has to say about Butter and Ren. We also get a glimpse of perhaps a spark that Iris feels for Haru? Ohohohho :iconohmeplz:

Anyways, This HAS NOT been edited yet so sorry in advance, there was just no time ;A;
It is my birthday today and I am leaving for Vegas...right now actually

Thank you for all the birthday wishes! I WILL comment back on each one when I get home around Tuesday! I love you all and thank you for enjoying the world of Flame Points! :iconrubcheeksplz:

The story is to Alyssa Landau aka. Reiyaa on DA ONLY.
The characters and back stories are to Alyssa Landau aka. Reiyaa on DA only.
Redistribution or copying of my story will result in legal action

Enjoy me lovelies! :iconkissinguplz:
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Haru I thought you liked Butter, not Iris? Or is he just using compliments/pet names to mess with her and win? I thought Haru was more noble or had like a knight's principle or something...
There are so many secrets surrounding both Scotch and Butter and I feel this is just the tip of the iceberg oAo I wonder how they're going to handle all of that. it makes sense that Red would brainwash her, she is his prized possession after all. Or does she just have what they call "stockholm syndrome"? Poor Butter, it's the only life she's known :saddummy:

Eeee, another Iris battle yay! I love the fight scenes with her in them. I'm really liking her character :la: she's so cool! I think I may have just become a IrisxHaru shipper? :iconheplz: You did an awesome job with that scene.

U-unedited?! It's still really good ; v ; <333
Caipryss Jan 1, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
omg I'm so sorry for the late comment but now be ready for a storm of complete spam >: D muahhahahahahahahaaaa! XD
omg Haruuuu stop killing me >.< He's so...asdgfghjkl! I mean I want him and Butter... but then Haru and Iris omg i don't know which one i want more!
If i were Iris i'd be p.o'd if he used teleportation-- it's not fair! But i'm glad Haru won because I didn't want them to just leave with butter
I'm confuzzled, when did Iris take a liking to Butter, in the beginning the faught so when did she start acting like Butter's.... friend? It's not that i don't like it, I love it! :D but when did it happen? stupid memory P:
omg if Butter and Iris become friends and the both fall for Haru?! OMG THIS IS TOO MUCH!
omg, look at how many times i'm saying 'omg' XDDDDDDD see what flame points does for me?! It's unhealthy for a fangirl l ike me XD
This reminds me of so many great books, some of my favorites. Mangas... novels....
I have a physical list in my room that has my absolute favourite books on it. Ranking at number one is a tie, Harry Potter and Flame points
I LOVE HARRY POTTER! I suck as a writer but I always think it's good to have an inspiration for everything ;) JK Rowling and you are my top inspirations <3 I about died when I heard the Harry Potter series was ending
I was like: NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have nothing to live for now!
But then you came a long with this amazing story and I'm like: J--JK Rowling in disguise? XD that's how amazing you are!
And now I have another bppl to keep me going! You should make a series because I love series's(? i never really understnad punctuation D: ) and I never want them to end!
When, not if, WHEN this comes out as a book, I will be waiting at 2am in front of the nearest bookstore and as soon as the front doors open, I'm buying Flame Points
Then I'll call my friends.... and my friends' friends.... and my friends' friends' neighbors..... and their uncles..... and my uncle..... and their nieces.... which would include me o: But anyway, I'll call EVERYONE and tell them to go buy your book because it's too amazing NOT to read!
You will become so successful, I just know it >: D
wow, look at this comment >.< I go now read chapter 9 and then your prologue :squee:
Reiyaa Jan 9, 2013  Hobbyist Writer

Don't apologize! It means so much and that you even left a long comment makes me so so happy, you don't even know ;A;BUT OMG
no nononooooo...I am nowhere near Rowling but that is my goal <3 she is my favorite writer! I hope to get as good as her one day, when I learn more and grow. Though, the fact that you say these things makes my day so much better n////n
Caipryss Jan 15, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
to me you are right next to Jo <333 she one of my favorite writers too! You hope to be as good as her one day? That won't be long, you're practically already there
Punikuni Dec 23, 2012
omg Haru kicks butt o____o *backs away slowly* i want to huggle him so badly >_____<

Reiyaa... your writing... it kills me... x.x
Reiyaa Dec 23, 2012  Hobbyist Writer

Eheheh *gives you him to hug~
Haru: :iconangryplz:
Punikuni Dec 23, 2012
*hugs Haru* <333 You take good care og Butter you understand me >//A//<
angel-chiyo Dec 21, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
; 7 ; I want to ship Butter and Haru because it seems the most likely to happen, but -
Reiyaa Dec 21, 2012  Hobbyist Writer

You can never be too certain with what will happen. :iconheplz:
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