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November 25, 2012
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A throbbing pain hammered her head, like a blunt object beating into her skull repeatedly.

“Take a deep breath.” Uttered a voice, but it was muffled and displaced. The tone and volume would gradually grow louder, and then fade ever so softly to a whisper.

“What? Why…Why am I here?” she answered, fluttering her eyelids open, trying to focus her eyes on the setting around her.

“We can use her to get to him.” A murmur came from her right.

“This can finally be the key to destroying the humans.” Another voice said from the left.

“Silence yourselves!” a familiar tone whispered back harshly.

Butter slowly leaned her body up, only to hear the continuous whispers erupt again.

“Oh she awakens!” another voice penetrated her ears, “She must be informed!”
She rubbed her head as her vision slowly came back to see a strange scene laid out before her. She was inside what appeared to be castle grounds; the tall stone walls surrounded the houses and cattle within from every side. It looked like a secret city. Looking around she saw young cats playing in the fields, surrounded by the same monstrous walls. Was this a secret kingdom? Had she never seen it, never been here? Then again, where exactly was here?

“Come with me,” said a voice, “I’ll get you away from all these vultures.”

A helping hand came into view as she followed her gaze up the arm and towards the face of none other than the blue point. That was enough to trigger all the memories that had laid dormant in her subconscious mind. She remembered the master and what he had almost done, and of the other cats.

“Blue point!” she screamed, but quickly withdrew her hand as she saw everyone staring down at her with hungry eyes. Who were they? What was this place? She noticed that they were all blue points, so what did they want with a flame point like herself? She grew weary and rested her ears down upon her head, a sign of submission and weariness.

“Please take my hand.” The blue point begged. Butter, having no idea about anything going on around her, had no choice but to take it.

As he gripped her hand and used the weight of his body to hoist her up off the ground, she looked around anxiously.

“Don’t worry yourself, Butter. I will take care of you while you reside here.” He said.

“Reside?” Butter answered quickly, “I don’t remember agreeing to stay with you. What is this place?”

The blue point didn’t answer, he just lead her away from the growing mass of spectators. Butter was forced to watch the scenery around her change from a residential area, to a large meadow, with only a couple of wandering kids playing about.

He walked her over towards a swinging bench, and as they sat on it the object began to sway slowly and harmoniously back and forward. The blue point finally spoke.

“There is something that you need to know.” His voice sounded uncertain, and Butter put up her guard.

“I figured there was something strange about me, a reason why my master bred my mom dozens of times only to stop after I was born...”

The blue point looked at the playing children, almost as if he was trying to decide if he should tell her this coveted information. Yet, after a couple long, tedious seconds, he looked back at her: “I am your safe keeper.”

When he saw the puzzled look on her face he explained more thoroughly.

“I was bred for the mere purpose of protecting you. My own master at the time knew that your own was trying to breed a type of cat—a flame point, but different. The type of breeding that your own master was using was a foreign type. Once my master, whose name was Stakel, found out how much your master was breeding your mother and the amount of magic he was stashing into your mother over those years, Stakel knew something big was forming, something powerful and awe-inspiring... and that something was you. “He took a deep breath and then continued. “A year before you were born, my master bred the top two most powerful blue points in order to create me. I needed to have enough power to not only protect you from your enemies, but also to protect you from yourself. My whole life has been dedicated to learning how to hone my abilities in order to steal you away from your master, and to inform you of the type of chaos going on right in front of your eyes that you have been blinded to.”

Butter was taken aback by the flood of information being shoved down her throat. How could all this be happening, with her not having any knowledge of what has been transpiring? Did everyone on Euteria know who she was?

“What exactly am I?”

The blue point held eye contact, “You are the key.”

“The key to what?”

His blue tipped ears flicked around as he spoke, “The key to end the suffering.”

Butter grew more confused, “The suffering of whom?”

“Do you remember the cats within all those cages back at your master’s house?” Butter nodded and he continued. “That is only a small fraction of the amount of suffering going on in this world. You don’t know this, but your master is the leader of the humans in this world. He is the person that orders the humans to imprison those cats, to catch and to kill them. He is the brains behind everything sinister in Euteria, and you are his most prized possession.”

Butter froze as she looked at the children playing. She remembered back when she had been care-free like them, wishing she could go back to that day.

“That is why he yearns to bed with you.”

Butter looked back at him, her eyes stinging slightly with the remembrance of the seal he made upon her, she raised her hand up and touched the mark with her fingers.

“Why?” she asked, trying to bravely hold back her tears.

The blue point looked weary to continue but he uttered his response anyways. “The only reason you hold magical capabilities is because he had been transferring his own into your mother’s womb as you grew inside of her. If he succeeded in bedding with you then that would allow him to completely control his own magic inside of you.” He took a deep breath before continuing.

“That is why he set that curse on you. Now if you kiss or touch anyone else it will kill your brother.”

Butter cringed as tears ran down her face. The blue point shook his head.

“You must not let that fact control you.”

“Why?” she asked.

He looked back at the nave children playing. One of them yanked the others tail, causing them to tackle each other.

“The seal, if it is broken, would in fact kill your brother. Your master’s magic is strong, and there is no denying that... but even so he is a liar.”


“Without your brother,” he started, “Your power would be cut in half. He is your twin, and although he holds no magic within him, he still holds the switch that enables yours. This is why your brother was not killed at birth by your master, because without your other half your powers would be within you but only half could be summoned.”
Butter looked at him more intensely, “Then why would he make that seal in the first place, if he was planning to bed with me?”

The blue point responded, “He made that seal just in case his demented desire was not satisfied. The seal, in the end, is a way to stop you from being romantically involved with another because if you are, that takes any chance of him being able to control his treasure.”

Butter tried to wrap her mind around all the information that was told to her, but she found it difficult to believe that the master, whom although abusive, still took care of her, was the leader of all the humans. She had so many questions to ask the blue point, but she was weary that while her own life was so foreign to her, it was so transparent to him.

“Then what about these?” she asked, shaking the bells attached to her neck and tail.

“What are their true purposes?”

The blue point watched as the sun glared off the bright bells.

“Bells in general are a way to keep tabs on your cat; it’s a mean by which the masters can find you wherever you go. Each bell has a distinct ring, and that is how you are identified.”

“Then can’t the master just find me and steal me away from here?”
The blue point shook his head.

“It doesn’t work quite like that. You have to be within a certain range for him to find you quickly. You are far enough away right now it would take him a couple days to find you.”

“You said you would remove them from me, I remember you offering such a deal, but then my friend said you were not to be trusted.”

The blue point nodded, “I did say that, but it was under a condition. Also, the reason that Demoni said such things is because Blue points are notoriously known for being strong in magic, because of this we were nominated long ago to protector fellow kin from the humans. We dedicate our life to training, honing and sharpening our magic and skills to hopefully one day bring down the leader of the humans.”

“Which is now my master?”

He nodded, “Once we kill him, his followers will be too scared and weak to carry on alone.”

To have her master dead would seem like the perfect alternative, the only alternative in order to terminate the abuse of her kin... but she was still left with a sense of guilt. She had a bond with her master. He took care of her, fed her, gave her water and talked to her every day. It almost seemed cruel, in a sickening way, that his death was the blue points objective.

“Back to the bells though,” Butter said, trying to stay strong, “What is this one condition?”

The blue point looked at her with a fiery passion. “I will only remove the bells if you make a pact with me to kill your master. You are the key to his demise... he only reveals his weaknesses when it comes to you.”

“So what exactly am I supposed to do?”

The blue point answered quickly. “You would have a seal set upon you by me that would kill your master once your lips touched his. Ultimately your goal would be to suck up the power within his body, and transfer it to your own. Once that takes place my clan and I would step in and take him down.”

Butter froze, raising her fingers to touch her lips, “So I would aid in his death? Not only that but I would have to kiss him to do it?” Her cheeks blushed red and she looked down.

“Yes…” he said, noticing her reaction and he grew a little worried. “Your kiss would kill him.”

Before they could continue their conversation, a young male blue point ran towards them.

“Haru! There are three strangers claiming they followed the flame points scent here, they say they are her friends.”

The blue point stood up and nodded allowing the young male to sprint off. “Come Butter, let’s go.” He said before sprinting back towards the entrance of the castle.
Butter froze as she saw his body slowly vanishing. His name was Haru? It seemed like such a handsome and fitting name. Yet, everything that she had just learned made her yearn to dig deeper and—her thoughts were interrupted by a crash. Butter’s pupils dilated as her ears twitched, hearing screams. She ran after Haru, passing the still swaying swing and back into the large village entrance. As she made her way she could see the same swarm of blue points that had been around her before, now surrounding her friends. How did they find her here? She still didn't know where she was!

Butter was frightened to see her friends did not receive a cordial greeting, as she watched Iris slam her fists into each other allowing a red aura to flash around her body. She twirled around, making the red magic on her brown tail shoot out towards the blue points. They growled at her, hissing with their tails puffed out and ears narrowed back on their heads angrily; their spit shot out of their mouths as they jumped away, avoiding the demon cat’s attacks.

Butter could see Scotch cowering in fear, until he saw his sister and his face lit up. He wrenched himself out of Kokoro’s arms and ran towards his sister, but Butter watched in horror as the Blue points jumped towards him and attacked with magic towards his body. Scotch’s small frame was pushed clear away, his body slamming into the ground, skidding along the rocky pathway.

“Stop it!” Butter screamed, her anger mounted and a small gold aura pulsated in the air around her, thickening the air. The gold magic sparkled and all the blue points froze as they stared at her, as they all began to bow. Butter recoiled as her anger ceased, and so did the magic leaking out of her body.

Once the golden glow has completely died down, the blue points raised up from their bows as a hand was placed on her shoulder. She looked up and saw it belonged to Haru, but he did not lock eyes with her, instead speaking: “These intruders are the flame point’s friends. If I catch anyone harming them, I will not hesitate to personally punish any single one of you.”

The blue points nodded as they bowed towards him. At that moment a human appeared from behind them and Haru, noticing first, let out a long hiss and looked over towards Butter, flinging himself over her in hopes to shield her. Once his body slammed towards the ground, however, Butter was nowhere to be seen.

Haru quickly rose from the ground; “Humans!” he spat. As all the cats realized what was happening, more than ten humans appeared from all directions around them. The blue points, taking no time at all, began to attack the humans, tackling them to the ground.
Magic was being shot from everywhere, some missing and some hitting the houses, causing them to melt. The cats, easily overpowered by the humans, were slammed into the walls of the houses as the humans beat them mercilessly. All the cats were hissing, sounds of battle ringing around the towering walls. Grunts of pain were shouted and magical energy relentlessly showering all around them, the remnants of the surging mle.
Haru, however, was most concerned of the whereabouts of the key.

“He wasn’t supposed to find her so quickly!” he yelled to a comrade near him, who was being overpowered by a human. Haru had no choice and sprinted towards the human, extending his nails and slicing into the humans arm. This allowed Haru’s comrade to take advantage of the opportunity, as he slammed his glowing fist into the human, sending his body flying.

A sinister laugh now bellowed into his ears, “You underestimate me now.” As Haru scanned his eyes around the battlefield he saw the Master with Butter wrapped tightly in his arms, her body pressed possessively against his own.

“Let her go!” Haru screamed, but the Master just laughed and pushed his thumb to the flame point’s forehead, instantly forcing her into a deep slumber.

“You honestly think that I would let my treasure be taken from me, and not go looking for her?”

Haru growled, forming fists and digging his claws angrily into his palms, slicing his own skin.

“Let her go or I will take her from you.”

The master smirked and softly placed Butter on the ground, “Come take her from me.”
Haru watched Butters sleeping body and then moved his eyes around the courtyard. There were humans and blue points everywhere, magic being blasted into the air. The blue points were trained in magic and held their own, and as he looked back at the master he saw Iris sneaking up behind him. He knew that the Demoni was the only one of Butters friends with the ability to acquire magic, and he nodded to her.

Instantly he ran towards the Master, and as they made contact their fists began to illuminate, glowing brightly in their own auras. Haru’s magic was blue as Butters masters was black, and combined it morphed into a large black hole, sucking up the power around them. This is what Haru had hoped for, and the blue point dug his claws into the human’s hands, keeping his grip tight, restricting the human from moving.

“Go!” Haru yelled and Iris jumped out from the cover of the fighting and latched onto Butters body. The master sensing it immediately turned his head to see his treasure being taken right out from under his nose once again. He cursed to himself and tried to move but Haru dug his nails deeper into the humans, triggering an angry yell in pain.

Iris quickly closed her eyes and began to teleport, her body slowly disappearing... but something was wrong.

“Iris go!” She shook her head.

“I can’t! Something is blocking my magic!”

The master now gripped the blue points hands and pulled him close, “You think I would let a pitiful cat take away my property so easily?”

The blue point hissed, “She isn’t anyone’s property, she doesn’t belong to you.”

The master laughed, “You really think she would ever completely leave me? She is bound to me.”

“She is only bound to you because you set a selfish curse upon her.” Haru spat at him.

The master sneered, “Are you just mad because you didn’t do it first? Did I ruin your plan to make her your mate?”

“What are you talking about!?”

The human chuckled again and leaned in closer, “Please. Did you really think I didn’t sense you for all those years? Watching you undress her with your eyes, especially that one night a week ago. I was surprised that you were brave enough to show your face to me.”

The blue point hissed, “Shut up. Use your magic as your weapon instead of your tongue.”

The master nodded, “So be it.” He said quickly and tackled him, swinging out his foot he launched Haru clear off him towards the floor, allowing the master time to run towards Butter.

He swiftly kicked Iris out of the way. “Get out of here little cat.”

Iris puffed out her chest. “Excuse me?!”

“Iris!” Kokoro screamed running towards the Demoni, dragging along a crying Scotch.

Scotch yelled out, “Please get my sister!”

Iris wrenched him down, “Don’t be foolish!”

Scotch cringed, “We can’t just sit here and let her be taken! Master will make it impossible to find her!”

Kokoro shook her head, “Let it be little lion, you fought a good fight. Let the grown-ups handle this now.”

Scotch bit his lip and slammed his fist into the ground, but he knew he was no match. He held no power, and stood by helplessly as the master took hold of his only family.
The master smirked at Haru, “Let this be a lesson to you wretched cats. If you fool around with humans you will always be out matched.”

The master closed his eyes, beginning to teleport. Just like Iris, however, the teleportation attempt was unsuccessful. He grew confused, and looked down to see the mark on Butters neck glowing, energy pulsing towards him.

The blue point seized this opportunity and sprinted towards the man, tackling him to the floor, and causing Butter’s body to fall. Once her body made contact with the ground, gold light shot into the air.

Cats and humans alike all stopped fighting as the light shimmered in the air. It looked so innocent, so pure, and as it shimmered down it made the fellow cats glow with power. The master watched as the power made contact with a human, and as it touched his skin the human shrieked in pain. His voice was filled with agony, until his body erupted in light and he vanished.

The master, having no idea what this power was, did not know what to do. This gave Haru a chance to obtain a knife from one of his comrades. Haru, catching the knife effortlessly and twirling it in his hand, jabbed it forward and struck the master in the chest.
The master howled the pain evident in his face.

“You win this time you pest!” he screamed, and then vanished along with the rest of the remaining humans.

Haru immediately made his way to Butter, touching her glowing body allowing the light to slowly fade and then vanish. He looked at all the cats around him, some were assisting the wounded, but most were looking past him. He turned his head and saw another blue point; its blue tips now gray with age.

“Haru we need to talk,” the elder said, looking at all the wounded and scared faces of his kin, “Now.”

Haru knew he had no choice in the matter, and he softly placed Butter in the hands of her friends and followed the old cat through the castle doors. As he walked along the stone floor, the cat lead him to two chairs. He sat in one and motioned to Haru to occupy the other. As the young blue point sat down the elder spoke.

“Haru, you were foolish enough to underestimate Ren?”

Haru looked down. “I didn’t expect him to find the flame point so easily, I am sorry.” He finished, bowing.

The elder sighed, “I know what you feel for the flame point and I know the objective you wish,” the elder locked eyes with Haru, “Killing Ren will not be that easy. He has brainwashed the young flame point.”

“You’re mistaken.” Haru said and as he saw the surprised look of the elder he continued, “She is stronger than you think.”

The elder hummed before answering, “You speak so confidently. Your own master taught you well, however that is not why I brought you here. I know she is strong and can in fact take down Ren.”

“So why did you bring me here, if not to persuade me to leave her?”

The elder responded instantly, “The young one holds the most power I have ever sensed. She is destined to destroy all the evil upon Euteria, while simultaneously becoming the hand to control it.”

“I agree.” Said Haru, “What do you want from me elder?”

The elderly cat took a long labored breath and then spoke.

“You must get her to fall in love with you, to destroy any possibility of her rebelling and turning against us. Not only does Ren and the flame point have the same magic, but their blood pumps the magic to each other. If he dies so will she. Unless…”
Haru stared wide-eyed, “Unless?”

The elder spoke at him quickly, “Unless her twin takes her place.”
Hello everyone! Here is Part 7! I hope you all enjoy it! :iconmahfeelzplz:
I spent a long time on this one to make the details paint vividly in your mind. :iconinamithinkplz:
Also for part 8, it might be short because it's my birthday on the 30th, so in five days! :iconcannotevenplz: I'm going to be 21 so I am going to Vegas with my best friend! It's going to be epic. :iconheplz:

Anyways, I hope you all enjoyed reading it! A special thanks to *JllAO for editing once again! I love you girly! Also thanks again in advance for all the comments and favorites! Your feedback always makes my day. Seriously, thank you guys. :iconrubcheeksplz:

The story is to Alyssa Landau aka. Reiyaa on DA ONLY.
The characters and back stories are to Alyssa Landau aka. Reiyaa on DA only.
Redistribution or copying of my story will result in legal action .

Enjoy! :iconiluplz:
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HeartTeddies Aug 4, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Make her fall in love with him? So it'll be false? :/
HeartTeddies Aug 4, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Bah, I'll read more to find out. XD
You did a great job with this chapter, I could picture everything going on in my mind with ease! Wow, Haru was bred to protect her? This story is really taking some interesting turns and leading up to more awesomeness :eager: Eh?! Master bed with Butter's mother?! I was not expecting that!

I was so scared when Master returned and was taking Butter, my heart was racing thinking he'd once again gotten the upper hand uAu. I like that Iris was smart enough to try a sneak attack on the Master while Haru was distracting him, she is becoming even more awesome C:

What is this ability Butter has? I wonder what kind of powers she's hiding that she doesn't know about. It's so exciting!

Can I just say that I absolutely love the fact that you kept the bells on the cats? I find it adorable >w<
EarthOwl Jan 12, 2013
so intresting... MUST. KEEP. READING.
MitsukoBunny-chan Dec 23, 2012  Student Digital Artist
I...dont have words ;A;! :iconwooowplz: -I will read again-
Reiyaa Dec 23, 2012  Hobbyist Writer

Reading again?! Naww thank you ;A; chapter 8 and 9 are out too xD
MitsukoBunny-chan Dec 23, 2012  Student Digital Artist
Yees! is so amazing :iconwooowplz: , what? :iconccatreactionplz: oh sh- I was very distracted :iconlazycryplz:
Reiyaa Dec 23, 2012  Hobbyist Writer

It's okay! I think you'll be shocked at what happens. :iconheplz:
MitsukoBunny-chan Dec 23, 2012  Student Digital Artist
Yes, is possible is that :iconlazycryplz:

Sorry for my bad english ;A;
Reiyaa Dec 23, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
I think your English is perfectly fine!
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