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November 16, 2012
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Iris knelt, leaning forward to smell the ground as she inhaled the fleeing scent of Butter's aroma. It would be fairly easy for her to trace the scent back to the castle, as long as she followed this trail.

Scotch puffed out his tail in anger.
“I said you are going the wrong way! Why won’t you listen to me!?”
Kokoro hushed him.
“Be patient, she has a reason for doing so.”
Iris stood up and turned towards the remaining twin.
“Your master has altered the surroundings to your house, the path in which you are used to has changed. The only way for us to find your sister is to follow this trail. It will take some patience but we have to keep moving to find her in time.”

Kokoro nodded and Iris fled towards the direction of the scent, the others running close behind her.
“What do you think he is doing to Butter?!” Scotch yelled out to Iris, but she only shook her head.
“I have no idea.” But she did know. She knew every little thing about Butter, more than she knew about herself. Butter was not only a rare breed, but with such rare blood came rare power, a power Iris knew the blue point wanted.

“Keep your mind focused on the task at hand” said a voice in Iris' head. It was shallow and deep, and she couldn't tell if it belonged to a male or female, but it sounded eerily familiar. She knew it had to be some kind of powerful being, strong enough to push through the defenses around her mind. Was the information revolved around Butter really so important that someone would project themselves into another’s mind just to keep them quiet?

“Iris stop!” but she couldn’t, her legs were moving far too fast, causing Kokoro to slam her body into the demon cat, flinging her to the ground.
Iris grimaced and snapped at her, “What was that for?!”
Kokoro had a look of sorrow on her face, almost in tears.

“What’s wrong?” the demon cat asked.

The Cottonese just moved her gaze forward and Iris followed it to see a hoard of dead bodies.

They were in a field of bright green grass with lively orange flowers sprouting all around the meadow. The trees surrounding the area were all dead, the once bright leaves now shriveled and grey. The bodies were all face-down, looking as if they were sleeping. The foul stench that filled the air made it apparent to them that this was not the case. There had to be at least ten bodies, each one of them a different breed of cat.

Scotch cringed, “Butter!?” he screamed loudly, it echoed around the meadow, reverberating back into their ear drums.

Iris held her breath and looked away. There could be no way that Butter was among the dead, yet she couldn’t bring herself to look as Scotch fled to a body of the young, female cat.

Iris’s horns flashed red as she remembered the sickening eyes of the master. She knew he was capable of doing horrible things to the flame point, but to kill her? Just like that? As if she was not a treasure to him, but a mere nuisance? Why go through all that trouble in retrieving a lost treasure if only to kill her? She clenched her fingers into a fist as Kokoro placed her hand on her shoulder.

“Iris…” The demon cat pulled away.

“We could have done something, we should have sensed it. I understand that he is strong in magic, but we should have been able to do something…”

Kokoro shook her head. “It has to be an illusion, there is no way he would kill his gem. You have magical capabilities; we need you to go see if it is her.”

Iris inhaled the air around her as she walked over towards the body, with Scotch sprawled over his sister’s body, crying into her chest. Her ears all bloody, Iris struggled not to look away. Even though she had only just met these twins, it felt as though it was fate that she was to take care of them, to be their companion; a surrogate mother.
She slumped to the ground and spoke softly to the male flame point.

“Scotch…please move.” The young male shook his head and cowered at her voice, crying over his sister.

“No! I won’t! I left her once and look what happened! I can’t live without her! Why?!” he screamed and hissed at her, causing Iris to look over towards Kokoro. The Cottonese came over and pulled Scotch off his sisters’ body, his screams of anguish filled the area around them.

Iris took another deep breath and leaned down towards Butter’s body, placing her hand over the young cat’s chest, leaving it there she closed her eyes. Her horns began to glow red and an aura slowly made its way down her body until it reached her hand. Iris opened her eyes and her ears twitched forward as she raised her hand up and slammed it down upon the young flame point’s body. Thrown back by the intense magic, she was forced backwards falling to the ground harshly, her back slamming into the pillow-like grass giving no such comfort.

The magic began to tornado all around them, while Scotch took cover in Kokoro’s arms Iris sunk low to the ground. They all turned towards the magic swirl of energy as it slowly began to dissipate to show a cat that was not the beloved flame point.

Scotch choked on his tears, swallowing the mucus that had built up in his throat. A sense of relief swept over him and he fell to the floor in reprieve.

Iris grew angry.

“That was a twisted trick for anyone to pull. He is going to regret such an action.” She walked over towards the others and bent down pulling Scotch up by his collar.

“Come on don’t let him get to you. The sooner we get to your sister the better.”

Kokoro nodded, “It’s true, can you go on little lion?” she said, trying to lighten the mood. Scotch wiped the tears that had collected on his face, and then took off running towards the scent that would lead them to Butter.


Butter slumped against the wall, her face between her knees, her legs curled up to her chest. Her hair was matted and her nose felt as if it was broken. She had been trapped in the prison-like room for two days now, but it felt much longer than that. She constantly heard the cries of her own kind within their chambers, begging her to help them, but she could not relieve their suffering. She had her own pain to worry about, she knew her master was going to come into the room any hour now, he had promised her the night before that he would call for her in the morning.

She slowly rose up to look out the window. It was big enough for her body to fit through, but her master had placed a resilient magic on the inside of the window, making it impossible to escape.

“Please…” came a voice from inside one of the cages, “Please young one come here.”

Butter moved her gaze from the window to look over towards the voice; she slowly walked over towards a grey cat, its white stripes glistening in the partial light. Butter had hardly any energy due to her lack of food and water, and listening to another cat felt like an incessant problem that she couldn't deal with.

“Please young one come closer.” The cat said again.

Butter, able to ignore the call no longer, made her way closer to the cat and sat in front of the reeking cage, its putrid odor assaulting her sensitive nose.
“Yes?” she asked, the smell beginning to affect her eyes, making them water.
The cat looked at her with flashing eyes; it had a look of an unseen hope, almost as if this cat knew something that she did not.

“I want you to know that you are very special. You are one of the sole felines that can vanquish an unbeknownst evil that has unquestionably engrossed Euteria.”
Butter tilted her head to the side, making the bell around her neck clank.
“Why do you speak in such riddles? Why can’t you just tell me what you mean?”

The cat shook its head, its tail hardly having enough room to sway back and forth within the cage.

“I speak in riddles in hopes you will listen to my counsel. You have met someone recently that you do not trust, but he will become more important to you than you had first anticipated. He will be the one to---"

“Butter!” came a voice, interrupting the feline’s speech. Butter instantly recognized the voice to be the masters. She cringed, cowering in fear as she pushed her legs onto the floor and flung herself away from the cages as quickly as she could before the master shoved the key into the door, swinging it open.

Butter looked up at him as he walked towards her, standing over her, his dominant energy shadowing over her.

“M-Master,” she said, tears streaming from her eyes.

“Please let me out of this place, I promise I won’t leave you ever again!” She knew being a punching bag for her master was much better than being stuck inside a cage, forced to breed over and over again until her heart gave out.

The masters’ lips curled, revealing a smirk as he leaned down to her face. Butter closed her eyes in fear as he moved his mouth close to her face, his moist breath entering her ear, “Why don’t you beg me for it?”

Butters ears lowered and she gulped down the extra saliva that built up in her mouth. She hated that she was attracted to this man, but in a way it was because she needed him. She desired him because he was the only one that had been there with her throughout her whole life and as much as he was cruel and abusive to her she would always be forced to have such feelings about him. She hated him with a passion but, that passion also stemmed from something she could not interpret. Was this the kind of connection a slave would have for their master? She could not understand her feelings but, knowing that what she did next would decide her fate of being in a cage for the rest of her life, she had to bear it. To save herself she needed to put herself second and her master first, since he was the one that would ultimately decide if she was going to live or not.

“What do you want me to do?” she said, drained of all emotions. She felt sick to her stomach, but this was something she had to do to save herself.

The Master smiled, licking his lips as he pushed her onto the floor, “Why the sudden change of heart?” he leaned down and pinned her arms to the floor beholding her with hungry eyes.

Butter took a deep breath, “I realized how much I need you…I can’t live without you.” She cooed nauseatingly at him.

The Master sneered, “That is what I like to hear, beautiful. Now, just do whatever I say and your life here will be much better.” He pushed down harder on her arms and moved his face to nuzzle the crook of her neck. He slowly began to suck her neck, bruising her skin, biting into her.

Butter cringed as her face grew warm from the contact, she turned away, exposing her neck more to him. She was disgusted with herself but she had no other choice. Tears began to stream down her face as he pulled away from her neck.

“You are now marked,” he said possessively. “This mark,” he said, un-pinning her arms and rubbing the bruise on her neck, “means that you belong to me, understood? If you ever make a bond with someone else,” he leaned down close to her ear, “If you ever belong to someone else I will make sure that your brother will never see the light of the next day.”

Butter nodded, knowing fully what he meant. If she was to ever bed with someone else it would mean he would kill her brother. Essentially, this destroyed any chance of her finding happiness in the future if it did not involve him. What more could he do to destroy her? She cringed, wishing she had never done this, but it was far too late. The mark burned her neck, the pact sealing within her body. It was done, and now she could never find a possible mate because the seal would release its magic, a strong magic that her Master had perfected. She was now condemned to be alone for the rest of her life, only destined to be with her Master.

He smiled, moving his hand and rubbing the side of her hip, “Let’s go to my room for this part.” He said seductively and Butter recoiled, there was now no reason to let him do this to her now. She had let her self-interest get in the way, and now that he had predetermined her fate she was not going to give him such fulfillment.
“No.” she said assertively.

The Master turned his gaze back towards her, “Excuse me?”
Butter gulped and spoke again, “I said no!”

The Master chuckled, his frenzied laugh burning her ears.

“Why have you changed your mind so quickly? So as soon as you give me such permission to defile you, you choose to disobey me? Well that is not going to happen, you agreed to the pact and the seal is already made, so you are required to do as I say.”

As soon as he finished his sentence he gripped her legs and pulled her closer to his body. “You either go voluntarily or I’ll drag you there, beautiful.”
Butter flinched, “Please don’t, Master…”

He ignored her plea and sighed. “It’s okay, I like when you struggle.” He said, rubbing her collarbone with his fingers before grabbing her arms, dragging her to the door.

Butter screamed, all the cats in the room hissing and meowing loudly at the Master, but nothing would get through to him. Butter knew this, she had brought this on herself and she was going to have to face the consequences, but she was not going to give up without a fight.

She thrashed her body against him but his grip was tight, so she screamed.
“Let me go! Stop! I don’t want to go! Please!” she shrieked in panic.

He grew angry and crouched down on the floor next to her, slamming her onto her back as he restrained her, “I’ll guess we’ll just have to do it here then.”
Butter cried loudly, “Please Master don’t!”
He just chuckled again. “You might as well get used to it since that seal only allows you to bond with me!” He gripped her dress, slowly moving it up.
“Stop!” she screamed.

Her pleas for help ricocheted around the area as her master stroked her inner thighs. She now gave up, just laying there motionless. She knew there was no way out. Just as she gave up on all hope, she heard shattering glass, closing her eyes as the shards rained down upon her. She opened her eyes when the glass stopped falling, and saw her Master fling himself off of her.

He glared at the culprit, whom Butter could not see, “How did you break through my barrier?!”

The trespasser growled at her Master, making their way into view. She froze when she saw no other than the blue point from earlier.

She saw him look at her, his anger evident in his stare. He looked at her exposed thighs, making Butter feel ashamed. She quickly covered them up with her blue dress.
The blue point, now satisfied looked at the master.

“Your magic is not as strong as you think it is human, you lead a pack of filth.”

The master laughed, “What makes you so confident in yourself? Am I supposed to be scared because you are a blue point? Please... I am curious though, why have you come here? You have no business with me.”

The blue point growled, “You know very well why I am here. You were going to force this flame point to bed with you, and she wanted nothing to do with it. You need to be punished for all the horror you have put us felines through.” He finished, looking around the room at all the cages.

The master rolled his eyes, adjusting his clothes, “I think it’s time you left. Butter belongs to me, not you.” He said, scowling at him.
The blue point smirked, “You underestimate me.” That was all he said before he swung up his arm, as a hoard of blue smoke encased the area. It made it hard to see, but Butter could hear the physical contact between the Master and the blue point.
“Stop this!” the Master said, and she saw a blast of black magic hit the ceiling, slowly dissipating the blue smoke. She then felt her hand being grabbed and she screamed only to see it was the blue point. “Come on we have to go, hurry!” He grabbed her tighter and ran towards the window. Butter then heard the cries of the others cats trapped in the room.

“No, we have to go back for the others!”
The blue point shook his head, climbing out the window, “There is no time to save them!”

Butter struggled, “We can’t just leave them behind!”
The blue point growled, and all she saw was his fist flickering blue before it came down upon her forehead.

Then everything went black.
Hello everyone! :iconmahfeelzplz:
I hope you all enjoy Part 6! The plot thickens now :iconheplz:
Please let me know what you thought and what was your favorite part?
This part took me about 10 hours to write so I spent a long time on it to get it perfect *u* I think this is actually my favorite part so far just because of the plots!
Butter goes through a horrible thing yet again…I’m sorry! :iconuu-plz: I promise this won’t’ be the end but for NOW it will be :iconkissinguplz:
A special thanks to *JllAO for editing :iconrubcheeksplz:
Also to all my commissioners please be patient with me! ;A;’ I’m working as quickly as I can on your stories! Please understand they take hours to write and I want to make them perfect for you! :iconiluplz: So, if they take longer you know that I am spending extra time on it to make it amazing. *u*
The story is © to Alyssa Landau aka. Reiyaa on DA ONLY.
The characters and back stories are © to Alyssa Landau aka. Reiyaa on DA only.
Redistribution or copying of my story will result in legal action.
Ahh one last thing! Is anyone interested in drawing a ref sheet or just a picture of the blue point? :iconiluplz: I think it’ll help the readers visualize him more! *Even though I have not really described him too much on purpose* XD; Anyways note me if you’re interested!
Anyways…Please don't fav and quit! If you fav the story please leave a comment letting me know what you enjoyed! ^-^
...I’m rambling now. I hope you all enjoy! :iconyea-plz:
P.S……I’m a ButterXBlue Point shipper! :iconcatlovesplz:
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HeartTeddies Aug 4, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Oh my, all of your characters are so intriguing! And the
fact that I hate the master from the bottom of my heart
 makes it even better! XD
MikiClover Apr 6, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I just started reading today and Im addicted ;u;
cant stop reading lol
Reiyaa Apr 6, 2013  Hobbyist Writer

Oh my goodness! I'm so happy you enjoy them! ;v;
MikiClover Apr 8, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
of course! now im your new fan!! >u<
Yay, they're teaming up now! I'm sure they can accomplish great things together :meow: Poor Scotch, I felt so sorry for him when he thought his sister was dead :saddummy: Ooh, you know you've done bad when even the previous antagonist is angry at you, tsk tsk.

That was a horrible thing he did and even now omg, poor Butter ;A; Forced to humiliate herself just for her safety and well being. He's so terrible.

I love that Butter was willing to go back and risk herself for the others. It truly shows what a kind spirit she has :heart: Your story is getting really interesting! I can't wait to read more!
Christstarrgirl Dec 18, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Dude, the master is a pervert! I hate him! I wish I had sharp wolf-fangs, so I can bite his head off!
Reiyaa Dec 18, 2012  Hobbyist Writer

I know but it gets better!
Christstarrgirl Dec 19, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Really? O.O
Reiyaa Dec 19, 2012  Hobbyist Writer

Yes. c:
Christstarrgirl Dec 19, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Oh... Cool! Can't wait for it!
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