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January 9, 2013
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Butter watched on as Haru rubbed her arms again and again.

“Are you alright?”

Butter couldn’t help but feel choked by life and its burdens. The dream she had seemed so real, and out of everything she learned, she still had more questions than answers. What had she done wrong? Why was her brother always in harm’s way? Why couldn't she protect him?

She felt like she should tell Scotch about her dream, but she knew it would only frighten him. How long could she keep him in the dark? Surely if she was in his predicament she would want to know. However, Scotch was weaker than Butter, both physically and mentally. The news would just crush him.

As the blue point looked down at her, she couldn’t help but feel sour towards him and his role in her life, yet a little part of her was saddened. His fate was to be killed, not for being corrupt but for the slim chance that he could turn evil. She could not fathom killing someone who had done no wrong, that had committed no crime. Although... if it helped to save her brother from pain, she knew she would do it, no matter the cost.

“Butter?” Haru’s voice rang in her ears, releasing her from her thoughts.

“Oh, yes?” she asked.

The older cat leaned close to her, making the flame point incredibly nervous. She rose to her feet as she heard someone approach. She felt strange when she looked at the stranger, an elderly man who had the look as if something was not quite right.

“Nice to meet you.” The elder spoke.

Butter smiled, but inside she was weary. “Nice to meet you. What do you want? Do you need something from me?“ Now, she thought, she was just being overly-sensitive to strangers.

The elder spoke. “Young flame point, there is something I must ask of you. It is dangerous yes, but I feel as if only you can accomplish this task due to your incredible perseverance.”

Butter bit her lip. There was already so much she had to deal with, what more could she be made responsible for? Why couldn’t the creators choose someone else? Why did they have to bestow their powers to her? She still couldn’t understand why she was in the middle of everything upon this planet. However, if the elder needed something from her this could be the key to unlocking more information that she sought.

“Flame point…” the elder said, “I must ask something big of you. It would be a daunting task, even for I but you were chosen for a reason.”

Butter knew that the reluctance of the elder to reveal the mission meant it must be incredibly dangerous. “What exactly do I have to do?”

Butter grew nervous yet again.

The elder paused for a moment, as if collecting his thoughts until he finally answered her.

“There is a young cat that has been born in a faraway land. You must retrieve this cat before Ren reaches it.”

Butter grew weary, “What is so important about this kitten?”

The old cat responded with reluctance. “He is the third known flame point to survive birth aside from your brother and yourself. It has been known for a long time that the flame points hold more powers than all other breeds of cats. Their beauty, skill and grace are unmatched. That is why we must take the child before Ren gets to him. If Ren was to turn the child against us, teach him that we are its enemies, we will be dealing with a large problem in the future. Your mission is to go find this child, take him from his mother and keep him safe.”

The female flame point felt her chest grow tight. To take an infant away from its mother was hard enough, but the elder was telling her to take care of him as well?

“What am I supposed to do once we capture him?”

The elder rubbed his frail hands together, “You are to raise him. You are to teach him who the real enemy is, develop his skills in magic, and essentially guard him from the clutches of Ren and everyone else who will try to steal him.”

Butter was caught off guard, “Wait. What do you mean everyone else?”

The old cat itched his ear. “Well, that is where the danger comes in. Right now people are preparing to leave and find this new flame point. Whoever takes this flame point as their own will have an advantage on all of Euteria.”

Butter glanced at Haru sitting in the corner. Once they made eye contact, he looked away furtively. She bit her lip, preparing herself to be the only one asking all the questions.
“If flame points are so hunted, then why aren’t people searching for Scotch and I?” Butter asked quizzically.

“Your mother was taken by Ren at a young age, and when she gave birth to two flame points you were already in his possession. Ren is known in Euteria as one not to cross paths with unless absolutely necessary. Ren did not throw away Scotch because he knew someone would have taken him right away and honed his magical skills. Have you never thought about why your brother is so immature, both in his actions and magical abilities?”

Butter nodded her head; she had wondered for many years but never questioned such a thing.

He continued, “It is because Ren did nothing to hone his skills. He only showed your brother warmth because he did not want Scotch to leave. As you know, male flame points are not as powerful as females, but that does not mean they do not acquire any magical abilities. They are able to surpass even adults, whom have been refining their skills their whole life.”

Butter grew even more confused, “Then why is everyone gearing up to take this flame point, if he is a male? What is so special about him that my brother does not have?”

A smile curved on the elder’s face, “You have no idea the power that is within you, young one. If you knew, like the adults within this world know, you would be much more confident in yourself. Though, you are right. He does hold something different that your brother and yourself. You see, when a flame point is born his magic has to be sharpened and taught, strengthened and cultured. However, it has been said that this flame point holds so much power that its skin exudes the extra magic from its body. So not only would the person who stole this flame point have a mighty ally that would allow him to get away with anything he wanted, he would also absorb the magic that leaked out of the infant.”

The young flame point was still confused about one thing. Although everything this man said made sense, she still could not comprehend the bigger picture. She had been told that she yielded astonishing power, but now, everywhere she looked she was being told there were creatures more powerful than herself. Was she just being manipulated into failure?

“Why sir, if you don’t mind me asking, does everyone want to acquire such an ally? What are they fighting? What exactly is happening in Euteria that I don’t know about?”

The elder kept silent and the room had an eerie stillness to it that shook Butter’s body. What was really happening within Euteria? She had been so caught up with Ren, sheltered by him, that she had been too preoccupied to think about the world at large. Had she been shielded from a large battle that was slowly developing?

“I think it is time you know the truth.” Haru said form her side.

Butter looked at the blue point, “What truth?”

The blue point clicked his teeth together. “Euteria is, unknowingly to you, slowly dying. This has been told to everyone upon Euteria by the creators... and they have only offered one solution to the problem.”

Butter tilted her head, “What is the solution?”

Haru held his breath and let it out slowly as he spoke. “To eradicate all the cats and humans that hold extraordinary power.”

Butter gasped, “But, that would leave Ren, you and I as targets! Not to mention the new flame point.” She turned her gaze towards the elder, “If the goal is the kill all the powerful beings in order to save this planet, then why would the young flame point be desired so badly?”

“They want him because he has not acquired enough power yet to be considered a threat to Euteria. Once all the beings upon this planet who are holders of astonishing power are exterminated, it will leave no one that would threaten Euteria with anarchy.”

Butter shook her head, “I don’t understand!” Her mind was clashing together with all her thoughts. She was going to die in order to save Euteria, then why would the creators tell her to kill Haru? Was the real motive to have them kill each other in battle? “Why would I have to take care of this flame point then, if I am one of the beings that hold extraordinary power?”

The elder spoke, “You have done no evil yet and because of that I feel as if the creators are on your side. As long as you grab the young flame point and hide yourself in a place that I will direct you to, you should be safe with your friends. You should escape the revolution within this world that is infinitely approaching.”

Butter’s mind grew fuzzy at all the new information. All the dire news was coming as too much of a shock to her system. “I still don’t understand then. Why is the kitten so important?”

Haru interjected, “Essentially, everyone wants the young flame point because he will be the only one left upon Euteria with advanced power. Whoever owns him will acquire complete rule over Euteria.”

Hello lovelies! :iconyuiswayplz:

Here is Chapter 11! I found time to write this in between commissions...which are piling up QAQ

If you would like to stay informed of new chapters, your best bet is to either watch me or join my group! You can find both on my page. :iconteeheeneplz:

I will try to catch up with comments as quickly as I can! Please don't think I'm ignoring you! I promise to get back to you all as quickly as possible!

I really appreciate all your continuous support and the new fans I have made in the last couple of weeks ^U^ I hope you all continue to enjoy Flame Points! :iconsnugplz:

The story is to Alyssa Landau aka. Reiyaa on DA ONLY.
The characters and back stories are to Alyssa Landau aka. Reiyaa on DA only.
Redistribution or copying of my story will result in legal action.

I hope you enjoy this chapter! I finally thought of a good plot that would tie deeper into the story! :iconkira-neplz:
//going to take a nap now! Still so exhausted! Love you guys! <3333
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evelluchia Feb 19, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
this story is getting more and more interesting I cant wate for the next chapter this so far has been such an amasing adventure
HeartTeddies Aug 4, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
D'awww, what a cute plot twist! Well, cruel... but adorable!
OMG, I have been a silent viewer for a looooong time, but I finally feel like showing myself! Reiyaa, your work is, A-M-A-Z-I-N-G. No doubt about that! Comparing your writing to mine, I can see now why you have SOOOOO many beloved fans! Your style is so captivating, suspenseful, interesting, and totally awesome! Not only that, you seem to enjoy anime, which ultimately tops it off!!!! Not only that, you are super kind and nice (whenever I read your replies). So, I am not a "new" fan, more like a quiet admirer!!! I cannot wait for the next chapter~ I wonder if Haru will ever come to truly love Butter.....I hope so!
Ah, I got ahead of myself in my comment for the last chapter :iconteeheeneplz: I'm just so excited to all these new developments :iconfangasmingplz: And I still can't get over the shock of Kokoro QAQ

Poor Butter, everyone's counting on her and telling her she's this and to do that. You're overloading her too much >A< I wouldn't blame her if she tried to run away.

They have to get rid of all the ones with strong powers? B-but that means, Butter... :iconmenmacryplz: That's not fair! Ohhh, so that's why they're after the kitten. OMG, Flame Points is getting really exciting :iconyeashplz: I can't wait until chapter 12. You're doing such a great job with this story Reiyaa-senpai, keep it up :iconyuihugplz:
Ah, I forgot to comment! Σ(・□・;)
The plot just keeps getting better and better! >v< Which in this case is worse, but better..?
Reiyaa Jan 27, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
. I'm glad you enjoyed it !
iKestrel Jan 22, 2013  Hobbyist
Kitten!!! Cute! Poor thing that it has to be here...
Reiyaa Jan 23, 2013  Hobbyist Writer

Thank you! QQ
Punikuni Jan 21, 2013
I would be confused too....cause i kinda am already xD;
But thats a lot of pressure on Butter ;A; I really hope things will work out for her and her friends (or "friends")
thats it i'm stabbing something if Haru dies D:<
oAo m-maybe..
Reiyaa Jan 23, 2013  Hobbyist Writer

I know..Poor Butter. ;AAAA;
LOL...Poor Haru. xD
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