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October 18, 2012
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The sound of water encircled the area. The subtle echo of the liquid splashing against the river stones, sent an array of euphoria to her ears. The piercing heat of the morning star kissed the skin of her face, as the frigid wind caressed her body.

A loud crash erupted, the sound of the peaceful water being pushed out of its safe abode.

A piercing tone called out to her, “Butter! Please come in the water with me!”

She instantly recognized the voice belonging to her twin brother Scotch. Her cat ears twitched from the annoyance of her brother disturbing her tranquility. She peered one of her eyes open to see him drenched in the crystal like waters of Euteria. She couldn’t resist as the urge overtook her and the lips upon her face curved into a smile, her unmistakable feline fangs exposing themselves. The saliva dried quickly in the morning air.

“You are so silly brother, you are a walking contradiction.” She said, her smile growing wider.

Her brother tilted his head, one of his cat ears falling to one side as the opposite stayed stationary, “What does that mean?”

Butter slowly stood up, her elegant blue dress moving with her body. She brushed off the stray grass blades that clung to it and watched as they twirled, making their way back down to the ground of the meadow. Her long blonde hair swayed against her lower back before she pulled it forward, slowly brushing it with her fingers.

She could vaguely hear the demeaning clink of the bell that attached itself to not only her neck but also upon her tail. Orange strips patterned along her tail and it made her fur glisten in an unnatural light. She turned her neck to the side, swaying her tail, as her ears lowered close to her head. She was forced to remember the significance of the bell that clung to the neatly tied blue ribbon towards the end of her tail and it plagued her mind everyday.

She was owned, a prisoner, a pawn to be used by her masters’ torment. The bell signified a sign of property, of a sick twisted love, a forced form of tracking. The sound her bells made had a distinguishable chime that could only be heard by her master. It was a sickening realization that she would never be able to escape from him. She could never grasp the idea of her wish being granted, knowing fully well it would never come until the belittling bells were lifted from her. She knew with the kind of breed she was and the fact of her gender, made it nearly impossible for the dream of freedom to visit her in this reality.

“Butter, did you hear me?!” Scotch whined.

She snapped out of her thoughts, “Yes?”

Scotch looked naively at his sister, “How am I a walking contradiction?”

Butter looked at the absence of a single bell upon his body and she sighed in relief. He had no idea what the significance of bells meant and she yearned to keep it that way. She wished he would escape while he still could but she knew he would never stray from her. Their mother was only supposed to give birth to a daughter, a rare breed, a flame point. When she gave birth to twins, however, the master was not pleased. He still kept Scotch, regardless of his annoyance. Butter figured it was a way for him to control her mother and herself. Male cats were not prized by such masters, they were, if even kept, used to entice females. The whole purpose of such a trade is to create a rare breed, a species that is hardly successful in breeding.

Tragically for the young twins, they were one of the only successful bred flame points. This meant the probability of freedom second to none.

Butter then responded to his question, she wore a fake smile, “You are a cat that likes water! What is more contradicting than that?”
First of all this story was written for fun and not for anything else. There will be errors but like I said, it wasn't written to be perfect, but to just ease my mind during a hard time *A*;
"The world of Euteria was once a place where young nekos could roam free, yet now the time has changed
as humans flooded the secret world. The once beautiful domains are now choked by the hands of the humans
who yearn to control and cage the magical nekos. Now is the time to fight back, but who can take down such
magical and powerful humans? The grounds in which evil lurks are shadowed by the secret hands of
manipulation. The very obscurities that engulf Euteria, are now at the mercy of the Flame Point who must rise
to salvage it. Yet, will the damage the humans caused be deemed too much? Submerse yourself in a world
of dark twists, where promises are broken, hearts are betrayed and hope becomes a fleeing memory.
Plunge yourself into the world of Flame Points."

I only got into my first two original characters Butter and Scotch, the others will come in shortly. I always loved writing, I actually want to publish a book (separate from this story that is already finished) and I wrote this to give me confidence. I felt like, if fellow deviants on this site liked my writing it would give me the courage and bravery to give my finished work to a publisher.

Thank you everyone who supports me, it truly means a lot. The fact that you all like my writing enough to continue to read further chapters gives me that push that I needed. I hope you all continue to strive in your goals and aspirations. Never be afraid to push yourself and to grow as an artist. I know I am not a Professional, I also know I have many things to work on and improve. It just means so much to me to have supporters that will watch me grow, it only pushes me into a positive light.

For inspiring writers/artists here is a quote that I like to write by, when I see published books. I know its hard to be a writer sometimes, and an artist as well, but just remember when you are feeling low about your own work, remember you can only get better.

"If you ever get to a point in which you think, “Holy Crap! I’m amazingly gifted! The words/drawings I put down on paper--every single one of them—should be read/seen by ALL!” Then you need to stop writing/drawing. Put down the laptop, pen, pencil, whatever, and just stop. Stop it. Do not write another word/draw another picture.

Because once you stop thinking that you no longer suck as a writer/artist, you stop improving.
Embrace the idea of sucking as a writer (or artist). Just wrap that idea around yourself, like a nice snugly coat, get comfortable, and then never take it off. Always strive to write/draw better. Always look for ways to improve. There is NO shortcut to writing amazing stories or drawing masterpieces. It’s a long, hard journey in which every step is measured. You can’t climb to the top of a mountain without first starting at the bottom. That’s just the way it is.

Above all else, be kind to other writers (and artists). Realize they suck too and they’re aware of it. They know. They’re trying. They’re somewhere on the mountain, climbing just like you. Some of us are taking baby steps. Some of us are sprinting. Regardless, no one is going to make it to the top. There is no top. There never has been." --[link]

If you enjoyed the story and want to keep up with further chapters you can join my support group here: [link]

The story is © to Alyssa Landau aka. Reiyaa on DA ONLY.
The characters and back stories are © to Alyssa Landau aka. Reiyaa on DA only.
Redistribution or copying of my story will result in legal action ;A;'''

I hope you guys enjoy! :iconkissinguplz:
Here are other chapters~
Chapter 2: DemoniButter watched as her brother continued to play in the water, completely oblivious to the reason why he could never wander past the very river he was playing within. She yearned to know what Euteria had to offer past such restricted areas and what kind of people lurked around the dark corners of such a dazzling world.  

Then a soft noise made its way towards her and she twitched her ears towards her right as she instinctively turned her head slowly to see another cat. The girl was noticeably sitting on a tree branch that was right above both of them, making no real effort to hide herself from their eyes.

Butters ears went back in aggression
Chapter 3: Cottonese The Demoni ran at Butter who stood her ground, bracing herself for impact. She planted her boots into the ground as the taller, stronger intruder crashed into her. Grabbing Butter's dress, the demon cat slammed her into the tree, causing a shower of leaves to fall over them as some birds squawked in annoyance, fleeing from their nests. Butter's lips curved up, baring her teeth as she puffed out her tail in animosity. She extended her claws and raised her arm, slicing across the Demoni's shoulder as a yelp escaped the demon cats' lips. Butter seized this opportunity, using the tree for leverage as she kicked her foot out and slammed it into t
Check out my gallery for the rest ;A; <3
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TanEgg Oct 11, 2013  Student Traditional Artist
OMG I wish I was Butter's master...
Reiyaa Oct 17, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
Oh my, LOL
TanEgg Oct 17, 2013  Student Traditional Artist
Lol lol lol!!!
amaya-ikumi Jul 22, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
that was so amazing *cries in joy* but poor butter.....IF ONLY I COULD SOMEHOW GO THERE AND SET HER FREE!!!~ >w<
:iconfamews:'re so talented at writing!I might make fanart soon :iconheplz: (just one thing,in the line 'Orange strips patterned along her tail and it made her fur glisten in an unnatural light.' shouldn't it be orange stripes?Ignore this if I'm wrong orz)[link]
Your writing is so poetic and beautiful :heart: I love how you've introduced us into this new world and the characters. It's a nice set up.

Aww, poor Butter is a prisoner :saddummy: that's terrible! I can see how much she cares for her brother and wants to protect him even if it means giving up her freedom. It's so sad that she has to be constantly reminded of her situation.
BunnehBunBun Jan 31, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
What fonts did you use~?
BunnehBunBun Jan 24, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
How do you do those side banneres in your one at the top ^^^^^ top of this comment :3
Reiyaa Jan 24, 2013  Hobbyist Writer

Settings-->Lit Author tag--> Change Author tag.
BunnehBunBun Jan 26, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thanks Reiyaa chan!
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