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July 2, 2013
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Flynn watched her from a distance. The long strands of her blonde hair were sparkling, giving her body a heavenly glow. Everything about her seemed perfect to him—the way she smiled, the tough exterior that she tried to put up. He knew it was an attempt to conceal something she wished to hide. What was that confidential secret?

Flynn was still unable to unmask that certain demon.

“Flynn. Why don’t you go talk to her instead of eyeing her down? You’re stalking her like a wolf does to his prey.”

Flynn rolled his eyes at his friend, “It’s not that easy with Rinny, you know that.”
“Aw look,” another one of his friends interjected, “You even gave her a cute nickname already. Come on,” he cleared his throat, “You act like you have never spoken before. The way I saw it was, you two are quite infatuated with each other.”

Flynn gritted his teeth, “I understand what you’re saying but Rinny is very independent, and so I don’t like to smother her.”

One of his friends patted his shoulder, pushing his body forward, “Just go, stop making excuses!”

Flynn turned back towards the men and as they pushed him on he couldn’t help but feel nervous. He walked closer towards her now, watching her closely, feeling nervous of what he was going to say.

Rin had a very troubled life, he had found her in a horrible position and because of this, he figured that was why she acted like she was carefree but deep down, he knew she was hiding a dark secret within herself.

What could that secret possibly be?

He looked at the strange symbol on her leg as he walked closer to her.

Perhaps that secret revolved around that peculiar emblem.

“What is wrong, Flynn?”

Rin looked up at him; she wondered why he had been looking at her all morning. She had ignored it, but once he made his way towards her, she couldn’t help but presume what could be on his mind.

She looked down and stroked a grey cat that rubbed up against her side. She smiled, massaging the cat around its face and taking interest in its tail.

“Oh Flynn,” she said, interrupting his thoughts, “Look at what Banshee does when I touch the base of his tail!”

She flashed a smile at him and caressed her pale hand down the spine of the cat until it met the bottom of its tail. She itched the spot and the cat arched its tail up higher.
Flynn smiled warmly at her, the way she reacted to such minuscule things made his heart yearn for her even more.

“That is rather intriguing,” Flynn started, “Cats are such interesting creatures, aren’t they?” He sat down next to her; the smell of the blooming flowers next to them sent an enticing fragrance into the air.

Rin looked at him strangely; she still pondered why he was here. He was in fact her protector but he seemed different today, overly nervous and angst for a reason that she had no idea of.

“Are you okay, Flynn? Not that I don’t love your presence around me, why are you here?” she reached over and rubbed his hand with hers.

Banshee on the other hand, growled under his breath. The noise rumbled within his throat and he walked over and sat on both their hands.

Rin laughed, “Oh Banshee you will have to learn to share one of these days!” she let go of Flynn’s hand and pet her cat, and it purred at succeeding in getting the attention back.

Flynn pondered on telling her that he wanted to spend some alone time with her, away from the wandering eyes of his fellow men. They always eyed down Rin and they also knew how much he cared about her. If any of them took advantage of her, they would be answering to him.

“I’m sorry for acting so strange; I just wanted to ask you something…”

Rin looked at him more closely now, “What do you have on your mind?” she took her hand off Banshee, and the cat grumbled in protest.

“Oh,” Flynn looked down at the cat as a way to escape her stare, “I just wanted to know if you wanted to spend a day with me. Maybe we could go up to that waterfall and look at the beautiful view together. Of course, only if that interests you.”

His heart began to beat faster, his hands growing moist. He had known her for a long time but he still grew nervous when he was making such advances. They were not a couple yet, but they both felt something for each other.

Well, that is what Flynn hoped.

Rin pondered this, she thought it was a good idea, but having everyone else witness them leaving together, wouldn’t look good on her character. In this day and age, women were far less significant than men, because they did not do as much to incorporate into the society.

However, Rin was different, and everyone knew that. So, would leaving with Flynn, something that she essentially wanted to do, change the position that she was holding?

“If you don’t want to I understand,” Flynn said, realizing how long she was taking to answer his simple question, “You don’t have to if you are not interested. I merely wanted to look at the view with someone and you came to my mind. You know, with everything that we have been through, I figured you would be the best to enjoy it with. I apologize if I was too forward.”

Rin shook her hands in protest, “Oh no, that is not the reason for me taking so long in responding to you, sweetie. I was just thinking of how long of a hike it would be.”

Flynn smiled, “You’re so lazy sometimes, I swear.”

Rin giggled, “Hey, you are lazy sometimes too! Okay though, I guess I will go with you. The work seems like it will be worth it.”

She turned her head to the side and looked up at the tall mountains that lead to the waterfall. The sound of the gushing water was easy for her ears to pick up, and she would be lying to herself if she said she wasn’t delighted about this potential bonding experience.

Ahh, I'm so sorry for the slow progress in my side of the AT sweetie =Rini-tan ;AAAA;
I HOPE you like this story! I really enjoyed writing it because I adore your two OC's! They play so well off each other and I wanted to write something about them just starting to enjoy each others presence in another way besides friends. I wanted to write more but alas I cannot. HNNNNNG.


Her part:

Go watch her right now guys, She is an amazing artist and person :iconsweethugplz:

Character belong to =Rini-tan

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Nai-Eri Jul 12, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
I ship this :heart: I love how Flynn's friends are all pushing him to go talk to her. YOU GUYS LOVE EACH OTHER OK? His nickname for Rin is cute >w<

You portrayed their emotions so well, great job.

Banshee you are adorable.
So awesome!! They make a cute couple
cddmanful Jul 3, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Very well-written, Reiyaa-chan~~~ I really enjoyed the dialogue with Flynn and his friends, noticing his nickname for Rin, and them pushing him a bit--and seeing what worries him [and later what worries Rin....] I loved also the way they cover up their feelings with small talk, like when Rin says that she worried about answering his invitation because she worried about how long of a hike it would be, but we know it's for a deeper reason. Flynn does it too, and they both joke about her supposed laziness when both worry for deeper reasons--all that = good dramatic writing! :iconiloveit-plz:
Aww this is so cute! 
I really love this. But it looks like more can be will there be more? QAQ
It just i like this story already even if its just an Art trade and may not continue i can only wish and dream~ x3
Aww I love Rin and Flynn <3 they're so adorable together :3
Fantastical story :D
Ahh I love this ;u; It's nice to see Rini's beautiful oc placed in your stories! I got a full grasp of their relationship and personalities, now it makes me love them more! <33
Akia-Shark Jul 2, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
my hart is lyke boom boom. this is so perfect <3 I don't even like romance //forever alone, but this is so well written, WHO CARES! ;U: the only criticism I have is that, (very minor) it's toward not towards. xD I'm grammar nazi.
Riniuu Jul 2, 2013  Hobbyist
WAAAHH~! :iconhnnghnosebleedplz:

T-This is s-s-so ... AAAAAH! *faints*
You did a great job, sweetie! I'm so glad I made this AT with you. T v T
Seriously, ahh! I love this, thank you. <3 ; v ;
Now I have to read it again. :iconheplz:
Wow, this is awesome!~ Rin and Flynn are so cute, as usual! =w= Keep up the amazing work!~ :D
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