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There was a frame in her hand and within it a precious picture that she would forever hold dear.  The glass protected such a sacred object from the harsh elements of the outside world.  Within the border of that seemingly innocent looking frame, was a picture of her parents and brother. Her finger rubbed against their faces, the glass was cold but she found the memory to bring more of a happy remembrance now.  It was true that her family was gone, and she had been ripped apart from them for quite a long time, but the emotions she felt for them still held sturdy.  

The smell of spices floated within the air, her nose expanded and then drew in, ingesting the delectable aroma.  Her eyes lifted from the picture and met a bowl of soup that had been served by the waitress.  It was ramen and this shop used a spice she wasn’t used to smelling.  The broth was much richer and dark in color, but the smell was entirely alluring.

“I wish I could bring them back for you,” a voice said.  

Her eyes moved away from the delectable smelling soup and met his eyes.  His name was Ling and everything about him was perfect to her.  Of course, no one was perfect, but to her heart, he absolutely was.

“I know,” she said.  He sat down next to her and she breathed in his scent.  It smelled of cinnamon and she knew the cologne would stay long after he left.

“You’re thinking about something,” he said.  He always knew exactly when she was.  She liked to think it was a sixth sense that he inherited from his family.  Ling was able to understand her feelings before she was even able to express them.

“I just miss them,” Chiui said.  She noticed his black hair was curled on the left side.  It was just one strand, but the look gave him a rather disheveled appearance, but cute nonetheless.

“They would be proud of everything you’ve accomplished with your element.  I always felt that fire best represented you.”  He leaned towards her, his scent growing stronger by his approach.  He grabbed one of her hands gently in his, wrapping his fingers around hers and pulling it up towards his mouth, he kissed it.  

The gesture was enough to make her blush and she turned her attention back towards the soup.  

“You’re so sweet,” she said.  

He scooted his stool closer towards her, his fingers still wrapped around hers.  Her face was red but he seemed to like the reaction he managed to always give her.  

“I wanted to ask you something,” he started.  He took a long pause.  His arm tensed, his fingers gripped tighter on her hand.  His palms began to sweat and it made hers as well.
She knew him well enough to know when he was nervous.

Nervous about what? She wondered.  It was not often that he was ever anxious.

“We’ve been together for a long time now, and I know I can completely rely on you.  I can tell you anything and everything.”  He took a deep breath, and the exhale moved the red strands of her hair.  She knew something was going to happen but she wondered if it was what she was thinking.

Chiui placed the picture of her family down, the frame was beginning to grow warm from her constant touch.  Her eyes met Ling’s and a tinge of pink rested just under his eyes and upon his pale cheeks.  Her heart rate began to accelerate, her pulse quickening from the adrenaline of what might be coming next.  She had always cared about Ling with everything in her mind and body and if this was about to happen, it must have been an active blessing made by her murdered family.

The air around the room grew hotter, either that or all the blood was rushing to her cheeks, making her temperature rise.  Her body always gave away what she was thinking and this intensified blush was no different.

“I love you,” he said.  

Chiui’s heart raced but managed to stop all at the same time.  The music playing around the restaurant died out and the smell of his cinnamon cologne completely captivated her.

“We’ve known each other since we were little kids,” he chuckled.  “I remember when I first saw you.  I thought you were the most stubborn person I had ever met.”  He stood up from his stool, and looked down at her.  “I remember that day so clearly; even now because it was the time in my life that I had met the person that meant the most to me.  Even then, when we were little kids, I had this embarrassing crush on you.”  Chiui laughed and he smiled.  “I remember when we first went out to eat together,” he continued, “You challenged me to an eating contest.  I had thought about letting you win but being that we were both so competitive I took the triumph.”  He laughed and so did she.  “I want to live the rest of my life remembering those memories and making more with you,” his brow began to sweat.  “I want to have eating contests, a star-gazing partner and a wife all in one.”

Her heart welled as he leaned down onto one knee.  His colored eyes glistened, “Will you marry me, Chiui?”

This was everything she had ever wanted in her life.  She had been through much more than any child should have and he had always been there beside her.  He was her best friend, companion and love, how could she not say yes?

She nodded, expressing her desire for marriage and his face lit up in a smile.  He placed a beautiful ring upon her finger and they embraced in a hug that brought their souls closer together.  
In the background, sitting on the counter behind her was that same frame.  The picture of her family grew warm and the smiles on their faces grew even wider.
Comish: Mani-Hime
Hope you enjoy my dear (:iconmani-hime:) and thanks for commissioning!  I hope I did the scene justice for you. :heart:

Her lips trembled.  It was a nervous habit that peaked every time she waited, with eagerness, for an item.  

A twig snapped.  It made a loud crack for such a little branch and it was enough to make her jump in unease.  Her fingers prickled, sweat beaded at the tips.  

“Why do you have to be so loud?”  She scolded.

His ears lowered, a blush obviously began to devour his face.  “I’m sorry Keina.”

Keina raised her hand to silence him, “You would think with being half deer, you would be exceptionally stealthy.”

“Well, I’m still half human and deer are notorious for being timid.  So, you can’t blame me, it’s in my makeup.”  

Keina rolled her eyes, “Sometimes you bring out the worst in yourself, Haru.”

He didn’t respond.  They just stood there with silence between them.  There was a small movement across the way, revealing a rather cute cat.  Its brown fur blended in brilliantly with the environment.  The felines gold ears even matched with the sun’s rays.

“Is that it?”  

Keina hushed him, “You see what’s around its neck?”

Haru zoned in closer towards cat, seeing a collar gleam with the same golden hue.  

“Yeah, I see a collar.”

Keina walked a couple feet closer, making no noise with where she placed her toes.  She had been waiting for this moment.  This cat had evaded her grasp for too long.  It caused too many failed attempts and dry hunts.  This time, oh this time, she would catch this creature.
She glanced back towards Haru, noticing him staring blankly at the cat.  She didn’t want to lose this treasure just because his hunting skills were not up to par with hers.  

So, she left him.

Keina sprung towards the animal with ease, making as little noise as one would expect from a vacant forest.  The cat still heard her, its ears perked up and it bolted in the opposite direction.  A brilliant diamond swung back and forth against its collar and Keina’s eyes never left it.

Haru called out piercingly, “Wait for me, Keina! I’m coming!”

Keina didn’t want to wait; actually if she was to be honest with anyone in particular she would state that she wanted to get this object on her own, without any help.  

She whipped her head around, “Just stay put!  I’ll be back shortly!”  She was shocked to see however, that Haru was steadily picking up pace and catching up with her.  She grew annoyed at the fact she forgot he was part deer, so he would be quick enough on his feet to swiftly catch her.  
She turned back ahead, watching as the cats figure blended into the shrubs, bursting out of the foliage at random locations that made her feet almost buckle underneath her weight to make the change in direction as speedily as possible.

Haru was now at her side, “If you want, I am built for these types of movements,” he kept his gaze on the fleeing cat, “I can lead the way and you follow.”

Except, he didn’t really ask a question and instead more so made a statement because he didn’t wait for Keina to answer and instead jumped out in front of her and sprung faster towards the feline, making Keina look like a sloth.

She narrowed her eyes, upset at the fact her airway was closing and it took a lot in her power to not stop and take a couple long inhales to catch her breath.  She was a very competitive person and if anyone was going to fetch this object first it was going to be her.

Keina picked up her pace, chasing the aroma of Haru who was now so many feet in front of her that it made it difficult to see him.  

“Haru!  Slow down!”

A yelp was heard, and with enough volume that it made birds flee from their nests up within the trees.  

Keina halted in place and tried to control her breathing.  Something wasn’t right.  She moved her head slowly in different directions, sniffing the air and indentified something.  It was smoke, not of a wildfire but of a camp.  The hair upon her arms stood up.  There was no more sound of Haru or the cat running, so either they were far too ahead of her, or they ran into a trap.

She cursed and began to walk slowly and quietly towards the direction of the chase.  The smell of the smoke thickened and coming upon the edge of a hill, she shrunk near the concealment of a shrub and knelt down.  She could see Haru laying on the floor about thirty feet in front of her, and the cat that had been chased was now within a small town of hunters.   Hunters who, if they got such a chance, would be paid quite a sum for attaining both Keina and Haru for the theft that they had done.  She would also be repaid quite handsomely for outing some of these men on their own wrong doings.  She could already begin to feel their fists against her face for betraying their loyalty.
She lowered herself onto the floor and began pulling herself forward.  There was no way she was going to walk upright towards a group of people who would love to skin her.

“Haru!”  She whispered harshly.  

His ears perked up, so she knew he had heard her.  He didn’t move and Keina began to wonder if he had been injured.  She bit her lip for allowing someone in with her on her travels, because that just meant there was another person to look after besides herself.  Yet, this man was a comrade, someone, although annoying, she found comfort in.

The soil smelled from the rain that had fallen earlier, and it dirtied her clothes as she pulled herself over it.  

It wasn’t long until she made it to the side of her friend.  “Let’s head back.”  There was no point in chasing the animal down there.  Far too many enemies lurked, even for a seducing amount of gold and diamonds from that cat’s collar.

Haru shook his head, “No, the cat,” he pointed and Keina followed his gaze and noticed the cat stealthily making his way out of the camp, “He is almost out of the camp, if we turn back now we won’t catch him.  If we go around we will lose him.  We must go straight.”

Keina widened her eyes, “I fully appreciate your enthusiasm Haru, but that is suicide.  We will catch the cat another day.  He isn’t worth getting killed over.”

He didn’t listen and instead jumped up into the air and ran as fast as he could through the village, which, by deer standards, was incredibly fast.  Keina yelped and took off after him into a
frantic sprint.  

This is the end, she thought.
Art Trade~

Art trade with the lovely :iconamaicandy:

I'm so sorry for it taking so long.  Life has been so crazy busy right now ;A;' I know you're on a hiatus right now but I hope you enjoy it when you get back! ^_^ 

Amai's side: AT: Reiyaa by AmaiCandy

Long time no chat... Update,ramble,Instagram

Journal Entry: Sun Mar 8, 2015, 3:01 PM

Ah, I haven't been online in a long time--or long enough to comment back to everyone's notes and comments.  I'm sorry if you commented or noted and I have not responded back yet.  I do plan on responding! 

RAMBLE STARTS HERE: First of all, I feel like I should explain some things... 
1) I haven't been on a lot because of school.  Like, literally it takes my whole life.  I am majoring in Creative Writing AND English, so my life and minds is in a constant essay-induced coma. I got accepted into UCR (:la:)  I know, it has been a long time coming.  I'll be transferring as a Junior so at least that makes me feel a little better. Words from the semi-wise, don't switch majors when you only have a couple classes left ^_^; bahaha, eh, you live and learn right?
2) On top of school work I have three novels in the works.  Flame Points, as many of you know, Dark Wings, as you guys also know, and a new one that's still a secret for now.  It's called Damned or Divine. :heart: I also have my newspaper writing job, so I write columns offering pet advice and creative writing stories.  On top of that, I work at a retail job. So, you can sorta understand how DA has been semi-gone from my mind atm.  I do plan on slowly coming back, but also, once I get settled and everything, it'll become easier.  Or maybe a life as a creative individual is always busy, because our minds are constantly clicking. 

1) Flame Points, as many of you know, I planned on re-writing it.  Sweet baby Jesus, I re-read what I wrote and realized holy crap, it definitely needed work.  So, I'm happy to announce, that the story is completely changing, new plot, same characters, different names and not as dark... somewhat.  You all know I love writing my dark stories, haha! Anyways, I finally wrote out the entire outline and am very happy with the direction so I am beginning to write it.
2) Dark Wings, has gone through the beta reader stage.  It has received rave remarks--which was surprising, but I would hope working on a story for 5 years, re-doing it 3 times in different POV's would make it better. I remember when I broke up with an ex (which is when I get most of my creative juices going, haha) I wrote Dark Wings every single day, all day.  It ended up being 160,000 words.  So... you can imagine how much I had to cut it down.  So, not only was that cut into two novels, the plot changed haha.  An Artist is never satisfied.  Oh, anyways, yes, so DW is moving into the hands of two Professors that I highly trust, and once I get their edit through--I'll be sending it to an editor and off to a publisher. :la:  *Fingers crossed*  Which my mom randomly told me that Dr. Seuss and J.K. Rowling got denied for publication over 20 times.  Isn't that insane?!  

So, I actually had no idea what instagram even was. Like, I'm actually the kind of girl that hardly uses apps.  I think the only one I have and actually use is Facebook.  Anyways, my friend, who begged me to get one, for some reason I have no clue of, said it is an amazing app that lets you see people post pictures.  I thought, how is that even entertaining?  I can do that on FB... But eh, I gave it a try.  And I actually like it.  I just started, but it sorta makes me feel like its my own little world in there--much like writing makes me feel like.  I will most likely post my writing on there--some poems and some quotes.  Also, I will probably post some of my baked goodies on there as well as fitness and diet ideas.  I think I know how hard it is to stick to your diet because diet has always been my issue.  I'm a beast in the gym but when I have to eat--I like to eat EVERYTHING. Haha.   Sorry for talking so much, I just wanted to let you guys know what I have been up to.  (Oh btw, I will probably post a lot of cat stuff on my accnt since... I'm a crazy cat person, which would be obvious from Flame Points haha!) 

Instagram: leeroar

What to expect from me:
More writing samples, my commissions/art trades (sorry guys, I'm really trying to keep up with notes), and just being a happier and more active me.  :D Love you guys, and if you have any questions that you would like to ask, shoot me a note or comment below!

:heart: Reiyaa 

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