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Dark Wings

Editing process: Proofreading the whole story.

It's not about how good you are, but how good you wish to be.



I will not start until payment is received.
SilverIceBear Paragraph 2 characters

Flame Points

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"The world of Euteria was once a place where young cats could roam free, yet now the time has changed as humans flooded the secret world. The once beautiful domains are now choked by the hands of the humans who yearn to control and cage the magical cats.
Now is the time to fight back, but who can take down such powerful humans? The very obscurities that engulf Euteria, are now at the mercy of the Flame Point who must rise to salvage it. Yet, will the damage the humans caused be deemed too much?
Submerse yourself in a world
of dark twists, where promises are broken, hearts are betrayed and hope becomes a fleeing memory.
Plunge yourself into the world of Flame Points."
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My passion

I have loved writing from the time I could comprehend that it was possible for me to write my own stories. I was reading a book in sixth grade, went to my mother and raved about how amazing it was and how lucky the author was to accomplish such a thing. My mother told me that I could accomplish writing a book, that nothing is out of my reach. I took her advice and started writing. Now, almost a decade later, I am writing my own book in hopes that it will be published, just like that book I read so eagerly, many years ago.

My dream in life is to publish a book that people can connect to. It has never been about the money, the fame or recognition. I have lived by a motto that if one person picks up my book and connects with it, have it touch their heart in a way that can help them, that is my dream.

My readers are as important to me as my family. Your feedback, support, criticism and advice are what helps me strive to become a better writer. I am honored that so many of you are interested in my soon to-be published works. If you are a watcher of mine, I will sign a copy for each and every one of you that are interested, as a thanks for all that you have done for me.

If there's a book you really want to read, but it hasn't been written yet, then you must write it. ~Toni Morrison

Credit box

In the "Dark Wings" box, art belongs to Shepiu
In the "Wahhh welcome" box, art belongs to Joyfool
In the "workload" box, art belongs to longestdistance & puddinprincess
In the "feature" box, first art belongs to LaDollBlanche
In the "Lovelies" box, art belongs to hitsukuya
In the "Orginal characters" box art belongs to LittleRueKitty
Lastly, in the "my passion" box, art belongs to wangqr

Credit box art belongs to my lovely love ChiioChi
And ICON belongs to Mimru


So Close Yes by Reiyaa
So Close Yes
:la: :la: :la: 

So close to publication I can feel it! >u<;;; 
What genre should "Flame Points" be?
51 deviants said Fantasy :heart:
31 deviants said Young Adult :la:
11 deviants said Children's :huggle:
I was thinking about finishing the story of "Flame Points" and polishing/doing it over with my improved writing style. ouo
My first published recognition! by Reiyaa
My first published recognition!
THIS. JUST. HAPPENED. AHHH! :iconcannotevenplz:
"Sierra" was a major success!!!! I have been talked to by many people who loved this story! 
Many have volunteered to be beta readers of mine for the "Dark Wings" publication/editing process. 
Life is getting better and better!!!!! :love: 

I couldn't have gotten this far without all the support from this site.  Thank you everyone. :iconyuihugplz:



I had a choice to make. It was simple, or at least was deemed as such by my superiors. I committed my life to an oath, a series of sentences that branded and controlled my life—almost as much as Eva Castle controlled me. I’m constantly torn between my honor and this woman. I prayed that somehow I could attain happiness in both spectrum's—but I had been denied. It was no secret that she was off limits, as she was a winged being, imprisoned by my kind, by the same humans I swore to protect. Disobeying the crown would surely be a sinister price, but yet would I be willing to pay to become the hand that was to save her? Or was I to leave her behind?

` ` ` ` ` ` ` `

He was different, a warrior that fought in a battle that he did not wish to win. I care for him dearly, a yearning I could only feel for him. Yet, as realistically as I knew I would never escape from my imprisonment, I knew the choice he would have ultimately made. I was a fallen Angel, a thorn in the eye of this dreaded planet, yet they were right in forcing me into incarceration, for what I had been destined to do to this world would not be favorable. That man, that human however, he intrigued me and I watched as a seed grew within my body, becoming a vessel between this world and my own. I cannot lie that I was wavering in thoughts about this warrior of a different realm. Who was he to me?

Waahhh welcome! *u*


Hello there, it's Reiyaa here, but you can call me Rei. I am here to strengthen my art of writing by taking on story commissions and dropping little teasers of my personal book Dark Wings. I plan to get it published in the near future, so you can watch my editing process located under the Dark Wings box.

To tell you a little more about myself, I work at a pet store called Petco as a sales expert. So, if you have any problems or questions about reptiles, birds, small animals or fish, you can drop a comment down or shoot me a note. I am a lover of animals and I am majoring in Veterinary Science. I also have a columnist job for my local town and there I write Pet Columns.

Original Characters

All these characters belong to me. They are all stars in their own stories. The little kitties are from my series Flame Points, while the Angels are from my story Dark Wings.

Character Ref: Iris by hitsukuya:thumb331031732:.CC. Scotch's profile. by Hetiru:thumb330676241:Rayne(Last changes) by Maruuki:thumb360880207:

Lovelies <3


What genre should "Flame Points" be? 

51 deviants said Fantasy :heart:
31 deviants said Young Adult :la:
11 deviants said Children's :huggle:


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